Jay Jay Last Day in Lorna Whiston

Date: Dec 9, 2012

Last Friday is Jay Jay’s last day in Kindergarden. The school held a Christmas Party in school. And Jy Jay has to wear his Primary 1, Pei Tong school uniform to attend the party.

Jay spent the last 4.5 years in this preschool.

He every day eat breakfast, eat lunch and tea break with all his friends here.

It is amazing to see these kids has grown up so fast.

All of them are wearing different school uniforms and they have the chances to introduce their school to their buddies.

Jay and Lukas as well as Aiden & Brayden will be going to Pei Tong Primary School next year.

Jay Jay is going to miss all his friends next year.

Lets do Gangnam Style again.

There will not be a playground for them to play in the primary school next year. They sure going to miss this too.

So, next year onward I still have Kay Kay, and some of the Jay Jay’s classmates siblings are still attending the preschool.

Who is this? She is the Santa Clause! Ms Melissa! It’s a bare foot Santa Clause.

Next, the kids are gathered around the front to celebrate the Christmas.

Kay Kay is sitting at the front.

All are waiting of the teachers performance.

So, ms. Joy and ms. Jocelyn is acting on the stage. As Mary and Joseph. Cool. The kids all watching this with laughter.

And oh ya… A child is born. And hmmm…. The color of the skin?? Hahahaha

Then, each class will perform a Christmas dance in front of others. K2 is the last to dance. And they celebrate and do this whenever there is a festive holiday coming.

Sometimes, the teacher also go inside and have lots of fun!

Even some parents will join in the fun! Not all time they open for parents to come. Today is special, because, our children are graduating!

The proud K2 are the big Ko Ko big jie jie standing behind at the last two rows.

Now come the next event. Jay Jay just come back from toilet break.

Oh, it’s cake judging time. Each k2 kid will have to choose which class made the best Christmas log cake using recycle materials.

It is lunch hour, and this time the lunch hour is different. There is a group of k2 going around each class singing Christmas carols. Cool!

They sang two three songs. And these kids just love it.

Now they singing for the N1 students. Kay Kay watching his ko Ko singing.

Kay and Colette is playing. Colette says I can lift Kay Kay! They have many more years together. Three more years until then, they will be like their Ko Ko and Jie Jie having their last day at Lorna Whiston.

Too bad, Colette’s jie jie Ashlyn already have a “boy friend”… Hahahaha

After singing, the kids are hungry.

As usual, I need to tell Jay to slow down on his eating.

So, it was a great event, and the kids love it. So after the party, I specially bring the kids back home and rest and play. I am so glad and happy to see Jay Jay has grown up to graduate from K2 class.

So, to celebrate Jay’s K2 graduation. This is a gift from Pa Pa. I know I know, he is not even 10 years old yet… But I give it anyway, and already starting to train him on building robots. Jay showed very strong interest in it. The father dreamed of this day for so long. The father wanted to own this for so long since young. But could not effort it. As what the book “Outliers” stated… When opportunity come, give it to the child when young, and see if he can picks this up, the more practice given, the better the results… Hahaha

Well done Jay Jay for graduating from K2 and make your parents proud!

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