Big Walk 2012

Date:  Sep 2, 2012

6:15AM in the morning.  I drove my car and park it at the Marina Barrage – Car Park B. 

Today is the Big Walk 2012 organised by the new paper.  There should be more than 18,000 people joining the walk from The Central to Marina Barrage.   

So, I figure if I park my car there first, then, later, after the walk, we don’t have to wait for bus or taxi to come back to town.  🙂


Last year, the Big Walk is at Sentosa, going thru Universal Studio.  My wife was on business trip to US, and I brought both the kids to the Big Walk 2011.  It was a very tiring day, but it was fun!  So, we decided to do it again.  Here are last year photos.


Jay Jay geared up his number.

IMG 0882

Again, Kay Kay refused to put the number on his shirt.  So, we tag it on his bag.

IMG 0884

This is where we start.  Just outside the Central.

IMG 0885

Last year, we also see him.  财神爷!  Huat ah!

IMG 0886

The kids enjoys themselves with the pink balloons.

IMG 0896

At least 18,000 people.

IMG 0898

Behind us, more people queue up at the starting line.

IMG 0901

The new paper – new faces… All the chio bu…. (pretty meh?)

IMG 0904

Here we marched pass the starting line.

IMG 0905

Some scary green guy.

IMG 0910

Here we marched into the tunnel.

IMG 0917

Jay Jay went for a short pee.  And after the pee, we saw the Nando Chicken mascot.

IMG 0920

What is this big huge bird doing here?

IMG 0923

After 1KM, we saw the Ice Cream uncle.

IMG 0926

Uncle, 2x chocolate, 1x Durian with roti and 1x Corn with roti, please.

IMG 0928

All enjoying the Ice Cream breakfast.  

Kay: “Mommy, what you eating, so smelly!”

Mommy: “Durian Ice Cream.”

IMG 0930

Look Mommy, Marina Bay Sands is behind us.

IMG 0935

Look Mommy!  What a funny chair.

IMG 0945

Ko Ko, I give you head massage?

IMG 0951

Kay Kay wants to try!

IMG 0956

Kay Kay put on his hat!

IMG 0960

What is this?  Cat Walk huh?

IMG 0969

The reflections on the LV glass is amazing.

IMG 0974

It’s feeding fish time.

IMG 0981


IMG 0983

Fish, I give you my chocolate bread!

IMG 0987

The boys enjoys the big ponds…

IMG 0994

Kay Kay, don’t disturb Ko Ko taking photo.

IMG 0997

Yes?  May I help you?

IMG 1001

I am going to take the Flyer up!

IMG 1003

Very nice scene here.  White sands and the Flyer behind.

IMG 1006

Finally, we reach the cool zone.

IMG 1015

Jay Jay, I am very proud of you.  5KM of walk.

Jay Jay says “PaPa look, I cannot see my tummy.  I thin already.”

IMG 1051

OK.  Below photos are all from my wife’s iPhone 4S.  We now switch to her perspective view.

Come kids, this is the bridge.  With the Sogo hotel behind.

IMG 1044

Wonder Boys.

IMG 1047

We are on the bridge.

IMG 1048

Kay Kay: “抱抱!”

IMG 1055


IMG 1060

Look at my antenna.

IMG 1064

I have to carry Kay Kay most of the time.

IMG 1066

My shirts were wet.  So, Kay Kay raised his feet on my shoulder.

IMG 1067

Olympic Dad and Son.

IMG 1068

I want to feed the fish.

IMG 1070

OK.  Back to my camera.

We are going to test drive this car.  Electrical Car.  $88K.  No COE.  No Road Tax needed.

IMG 1018

And Zero Emission.

IMG 1029

Per charge can ride 160KM.

IMG 1019

The whole car made of Eco Materials.

IMG 1021

Hmmm… very funny looking stick.

IMG 1023

Mommy, I am tired.

IMG 1024

The drive is smooth.  And he refused to drive us to Car Park B.  HaHaHaHaHa

IMG 1025

He gave us a Nissan Umbrella.

IMG 1030

12 Noon.  We are at Tae Kwon Do Class.  I am proud of Jay Jay, as he just walked 5KM, and do TaeKwondo after the walk.  And Now, as I am blogging this… he is taking the swimming lesson.  

IMG 1040

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