Jay & the Grandpa

It was somehow very strange, when Jay was born until 1.5 years old, Jay still refuse to call 阿公 (ah Gong).  By then, he can call PaPa (爸爸), MaMa (妈妈), PoPo (婆婆)or Ah Ma (阿嬷) and Nai-Nai (奶奶) as expected.  But he simply cannot pronounce ah Gong!
One fine day, out from Jay’s mouth was the word “Gong Gong”, as he knocked his head on to the table, and said “PaPa, Jay Jay head Gong Gong, Table…”  His Gong-Gong means Pain.  So, I decided to train and make him say “ah Gong” as he already know how to pronounce “Gong Gong”.  So, pick up a photo or video that has Grandpa in it, and always use our hand to touch our head and shout “Gong Gong”… as if, if you see this man (Grandpa, your head will pain)… hahaha… and it works…
The next trip when Grandpa came to our house, Jay automatically put his hand on the head and shout “Gong Gong”… And a big smile on Grandpa head…  This is better than nothing… hahahha

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