We Cycled 60km Today!

Date:  August 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Singapore!


Today, somehow, we know there will be Garlic, Chiili Padi, Onion going on, so, although the weather forecast says die die will rain, we somehow knew it will rain a little or not rain at all.


Let’s go active today.  It is bicycle day.

Now it is the time to enjoy, before our Kay Kay outgrew his bicycle again.  Hahaha, my wife drove a Peugeot 5008 MPV.  And guess what, we can fit all our four bike in there.  Of course, two of them are folding bikes.

Of course, we have to fold down a seat to make that happen.  Because Jay Jay has upgraded his bike to a young adult bike.


It all started when Kay Kay says “Can I go downstairs and bike for a while?”

Then, the next thing we know, all the bikes are in the car.  We did not intend to do a long ride today, but later, it happened that way, and we like it.


So, at the end, we end up in East Coast Park.  We parked our car at the Starbuck restaurant area.  And we are heading to Safra direction.

So silly, Kay Kay says if I fall down is not his fault.  How is it possible I can fall down?  hahaha muahahahaha

Blink blink my eye.  We arrived at the Bedok Jetty.


Quite a lot of fishermen here today.


Check point #1.  Let’s take a nice selfie.


Another blink blink… we have cycled for almost 20km.


OK, Jay Jay’s new bike is steady.  I think Jay Jay likes it.  And it fits him well.

So, we arrived at this place where we can access to the beach.


So, we dumped our bike by the roadside and make our feet wet.


Kay Kay, don’t climb trees!!!


The breeze, the wave, so peaceful here.


The wave quite big.


Check point #2.  We found this whole stretch of road where they place Singapore flags there.  So, we stood by one of it and take our National Day photo by the flag.


Check point #3.  There is this PCN, Round Island Route signage there.  Let’s take a selfie here.


30km already, but Changi Village is no where can be seen yet.  hahaha


Then, we came to Changi Beach Park, and here, you can see the airplane landing.  And it is so close.  Quite cool!

Finally, we reached Changi Village.  Wow, got durian.


This is from Cameron highland.  $15/kg.  But not Mountain Cat King.  Not sure what it is.  But it is bitterly good.


Durian girl so happy.


Not too bad for a $15/kg price tag.  I heard currently the price for Mountain Cat King is > $35?


Wah, we all so hungry.  Let’s eat.


After lunch, we head back to the car park which is about 30km away.  Some one is so tired, but very good mood.  Singing.

We stopped by the RC center.  This guy very good in controlling his remote controlled car.  Very fast.


Some one fall down.  Because he wanted to ride thru the puddle of water.  And we that kind of acute turning angle, of course will fall down la.  But brave Kay Kay did not cry at all, because he knew he is at fault.  Good boy!

But ouch.  Lost a bit of blood.


Water break time at Uncle Ice Cream motor car.  We bought some 100Plus to drink.

IMG_4630 2.jpg

Nice… Cooling.  And every one is so tired.


40 minutes later.  We were back at the car there.  And the total distance we did is 60km.  (the counter started around 2km).

And Kay Kay’s last record is 25km.  Well done to both Jay and Kay.


Let’s packed everything into the car.  Let’s go home.


All of us become lobster today.


Neck and hand has two different color due to sun burn.


Luckily we have this!


And of course these.


What beats a nice Onsen bath.  hahaha

IMG_4643 2.jpg

Our dream, is to cycle one big round of Singapore.  Next time may be.. haha



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