Kids Home Work – Make It a Habit

Date:  August 13, 2017

Let’s talk about kids doing home work.


  1. I remember, when I trying to teach Jay & Kay how to float and swim.  I got scolded by the swimming coach.  He said “Mr. Liew, I think it is best to let me teach your kids how to swim.  If you continue to teach them like this, I have to ask them to unlearn what they learn from you, as the technique is wrong.”  From that points onwards, I applied this in every aspect of my kids learning.  Always leave the job to the professionals.  They know better how to teach our kids, and we stand behind and support.  Yes, parents will have to assumed a supporting role.
  2. This is their life.  And they have to learn how to cope with it.  They have to understand and learn why there is a need to do home work, learn new things.  We as parents cannot be there for them from Primary to Secondary to University.  So, better let them learn how to be self-initiative.  So, the primary task is to teach them to be responsible about their own study.  Groom their interest.

So, what we as parent should be teaching the kids are how they can do homework on their own after school.  How every day they can spent time to read “Chinese Text book” and realise that they need to do so in order to tackle their weaker subject – Chinese.

We also teach them to read news paper in the morning.  We also teach Jay from now on, bring this book into the toilet.  (not that it is a good habit to read and poo at the same time).  Again, english composition is his weaker subject.  So, may be by reading more can improve the grades?  So, you have to let the kids figure that part out themselves.


By the way, this is a great book.  It has the model composition.  So, Jay can treat it like reading book.


They even have conclusions and vocabulary to teach you how to use them.


The kids learning new things nowadays.  We parents are old timer liao.  What we learned before may not be what they are or should learn now.  We learned Algebra to solve math problem, and now the primary kids learned how to solve the same problem using modal diagram.

Such a simple question:

? : 12 = 63 : 54, what is “?”

So, bo pian, I turn to Jay’s friend’s mom for help.


So, I attempt to teach him this way.  Which is obviously not really right.

Sometimes, parents will try to put ourselves into the kids position and trying to see how and what is the best way we can teach them.  Which again, wrong.


So, my friend replied.  And ALAMAK!!!!  So simple.

And I have been doing it wrong as I always started using algebra method.  And once I saw the solution, I am speechless.  And this is indeed the way.  The way that a primary kids should learn how to see the solution.

IMG_4687 2.JPG

But there is always things parent can do.  Give spelling.  hahaha


Of course, we need to groom their interest in reading too.  Bring them to bookstores or library.


Of course, build their own library so that they can keep ready what they like to read.


Of course, the kids live is not only studying.  They must have fun too.  They have to learn things on their own too.


They need to learn how to socialise.


Playing board games is a good start.


They need to learn how to have absolute self-control when playing smart devices.  I gave Jay his iPhone, but his iPhone will not have any games but Sudoku, puzzle games on it.  From time to time, let him have your iPhone (that has games on it) to play.


The sports they love.  Parent’s intention to lose fat.  hahaha  But as long as kids love it, that is fine.


Let them learn some thing that they can achieve “poom belt” by keep attending the class.


Study, play has to be in balance.



  1. You got to teach them how to learn to be responsible for their own school work.
  2. By understanding the responsibility as a student, make them learn how to be self-initiative.  Everyday routines should be school homework, tuition homework, reading, and play or TV.
  3. As a parent, we cannot do their homework for them.  We can only be supporting role.  We can no longer ask them “do you have homework today?”  They have to figure out that part on their own.  If that means do the home work wrong, be it.  Let them did it their way, let the teachers correct them, and let them learn how to correct their mistakes.
  4. We are only doing supporting role.  And this supporting role is very important.
  5. Don’t forget to let them play.  Let them know life is meaningful.



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