The Sound of Music

Date:  Sep 15, 2014

I bought a Er Hu for Jay Jay.

This is the one.  HaHaHa… 

He plays it quite confidently.  Although the sound is not so accurate.  But it is good already in my opinion for an eight years old boy with no family music background.  HaHaHa

Now, when you mix piano with Er Hu, this is what you will hear.  Kay just re-learned his piano not so long ago.  Jay picked up Er Hu from the school music class.

So, this is what I called “The Sound of Music”.

As Jay Jay still taking the Real Madrid Soccer class on Tuesday, we have decided to delay his Er Hu CCA to next year.

But I can tell, with no parent teaching, only learn it from the music class, the kid has excel himself to surprise his parent once again.

How can I not buy an Er hu for him?  Hahahahahahaha

So, the Er Hu I bought is fully made of plastic.

The only two pieces of wood is the tuner sticks.

Hey, it is only RMB 98 nia.  About $20.  hahaha

Screen Shot 2014 09 15 at 8 25 19 am

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