Brave Jay vs. Sea Snail

Date:  June 8, 2014

 On the Mangrove area on Nikoi Island, there are many interesting creatures available.

 IMG 9991

It is best to test the limit of your kids.

Can they handle these creatures?

One simple test is to put these small little creature on their hand, and see what is their responses.

My boy, Jay Jay has grown up to a big boy.  No longer he is scared of these creatures.

Let’s put a sea snail on his hand.

 IMG 9993

With the strong peer pressure, Kay Kay, reluctantly also put the sea snail on his hand.

IMG 9999

That is the reason why we brought the kids here to explore the wild.  They should not be afraid of these creatures.

IMG 0010

It is just a snail.  Start from young, they have to learn how to co-exist with these creatures.

IMG 0012

OK.  Are you ready to look at what does this sea snail looks like?  

How many of you are dare to put this on your hand?


Click the video below to find out!

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