Japan 2019 – Day 5 (Universal Studio Osaka & It’s Fireworks)

Date: Dec 19, 2019

Here we continue our 5th day in Japan. And the 2nd day at Universal Studio @ Osaka.

Today, we shall cover those we miss yesterday.

The first one being the JAWS. Yeah.

Who doesn’t like sharks.

It is a wet ride. Oh dear! Luckily I got my shield.

Here we are, all sitting together and wait to get wet. Cold and wet.

Here is the videos for the ride.

Wow, all the rides are still short in queue. We better sit more rides later.

And I still refuse to sit on the Backdrop.

Yeah, Kay loves the necklace I bought for him.

It is a shark tooth necklace.

And today is absolutely revenge day. Yesterday Kay En won a Minion, so, today Kay wanted to give it many shots to try to win one for himself.

This is not easy.

Ai ya… left only 1. And he didn’t win.

And we go to the same game Kay En won the Minion. And guess what…

I have done it.

I have scored the equalizer. HaHaHaHa… Kay is so happy. But still a bit sad because it is not his effort. Hahaha 赢得不爽.

But still happily carry the Minion around.

And they tried to throw this and win the Cookie Master.

See the slow mo.

This is why Slo-Mo is so popular. You can see every single action.

Another SLO-Mo.

Kay had a lot of practice in throwing. All he needs is to hit the target and all 3 cans fell off the playing area.

Later on, few hours later, he and uncle Ben and Kay En come back here, and he hit it and win himself a blue Cookie Monster. He was so satisfy and happy.

As for lunch. We decided to eat in one of the restaurant inside USJ.

See the happy two boys.

Wow, this is cute. I like it. The rocking whiskey glass. And immediately, mommy surf Taobao and bought me and Auntie Lee Hooi a set. (Two weeks later, the glasses came and few broke. the packaging were so lousy. But I used it on my New Year Party and it was so good.)

Here we must have beer.


This fried onion is amazing.

The beef stew. Very nice.

Salad for Jay.

The beef.

My dessert. This is when uncle Ben brought Kay and Kay En out for revenge, and Kay threw and won himself the Cookie Monster. While me and the ladies and Jay are still enjoying our drinks and cake back in the restaurant.

Some nice dessert.

This is the big Christmas tree that is in the Centre of the USJ. There will be two shows per night. Each show lasted about 25min. And after each show, they will light up the fireworks. This is where I am going to try to take the photo again later tonight.

Jay went and throw the ping pong balls and get two prizes. So easy for him.

So, I got the Minion, Kay got the Cookie Monster, and Jay got the Snoopy and George the Monkey.

OK la, we let mommy also carry these toys la.

So, mommy will carry the toys while Kay go and play more.

Two fingers Victory sign. Yeah!

Down at our hotel, there is a Gong Cha. Wow, the bubble tea seems like a cult now. And darn long queue also here in Osaka.

These are the toys we won together. Father and sons.

Kay En also win a Cookie Monster. OK, my journal shows like easy to win? No, it is quite hard and you really need to try many many times ya. Hahaha

So happy. A very good 2nd day at Universal Studio. The winners.

The best is Jay. He throw that ping pong ball behind, any how throw and can get two prizes from there.


OK, we are back in hotel. The time is 5:20pm. The first show is starting. So, my wife even prepare hot tea. And bring the tea pot and tea cups.

Other hotel guests step out the door and see this and find it very amusing.

Really, no one really thought of taking the fireworks from this angle meh? Inside the hotel. Hahaha

Jay took the time lapse too.

See, my wife even prepare cookies. Hahaha

Here goes. With yesterday first trial, I already know the timing. So, today, I knew exactly when the fireworks coming up. And my exposure now is much more shorter just to take that continuous burst of fireworks. Not overlaid multiple fireworks.

Perfect. Of course, when you do so, shorter exposure means, the lights behind will be also dimmer.

What we want is to capture the fireworks, so, it was ok la.

This is the bright one. Red color.

It is quite ok. Not much fireworks actually. all came from the same building just beside that huge Christmas tree.

More finale fireworks.

Last one may be?

May be this is the last. Now can clearly see that huge Christmas tree.

And the finale.

I feel proud of myself that I also learned new things during this trip. I learn how to do fireworks. Yeah. Of course, there is another way where you capture the exact burst at the much shorter shuttle speed. But I wanted to see the surrounding. So, that is why I do longer exposure. Usually is 5-15 seconds.

After that, we went to eat good Japanese food. Still within the USJ vicinity.

This is Fugu (Puffer Fish) mean.

This is Hiroshima Oysters. I explained to the Chen family, may be is because Atomic bomb that is why Hiroshima Oysters is big. Hahahahaha just kidding.

Some Sushi.

Ah… the Sake.

And the great company. With a thumbs up.

The Lotus root.


Kay Kay’s Unaju. Very nice.

My dessert.

And we later hang out at the Tulley Coffee for more desserts. And chit chat and figure what to do when we go Kyoto tomorrow.

Good night. Before I went back to hotel, I went to the UFO catcher and arcade. And win that purple fork monster. Hahahahahaha. Poor thing, nobody like it. Hahahaha

So, today, the most memorable thingy is these toys. the determinations from the kids to win it. Although I did not see it, Kay use only the first throw to hit those 3 cans and win himself the biggest toy – Cookie Monster. Well done. Another thing to remember.

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