Japan 2019 – Day 4 (USJ@Osaka & Harry Potter Theme Park & Fireworks)

Date: Dec 18, 2019

It is Day #4 of our Japan trip. This is the continuation of my photo journal. A sort of diary for myself and the kids. When they grew up, hopefully, they can find their fun full and cheerful childhood memories here.

And today, we visit the Universal Studio of Osaka, Japan.

It looks quite similar to the Singapore one on the Main Street.

But there are things that is magical here.

Eh, why mommy always photo bomb one.

It is really magical.

We have the usual stuff. Sesame Street.

Can’t remember their name.

The Main Street.

OK. Later we will sit in this roller coaster. But only the one move forward. NOT THE ONE MOVE BACKWARD (aka Backdrop).

Jay show some concern when seeing the roller coaster goes backward. What’s on your mind Jay?

Let’s move forward. The first theme we visit is…

I think turn here, walks straight.

We found the magical car.

Let’s take a nice photo with the magical car that fly from London to Hogwarts.

The magical land of Harry Potter.

Wow Amazing.

That train.

Hogwarts express.


Hogwarts express with the smoke. Or steam.

Can’t stop taking picture.

Nice … selfie.


Nice photos of Ben and Lee Hooi.


The castle.

OK. We are line up for the roller coaster or some Harry Potter ride. Seems to be one nice ride.

Got to take more selfie.

The Harry Potter town.

Harry Potter town.

The Hogwarts castle.

This is one of the main attraction. Going into the Olivander’s wand shop.

And surprise surprise. There is a fake Olivander there.

And he has chosen Kay Kay to be the fake “Harry Potter” and replaying the scene of Harry first getting his wand.

Hahahaha, probably the first time, Kay Kay has gone under the spot light.

Let’s try this wand.

Give it a flick. And something happen. Hahaha

Hmm… may be that is not the wand for you.

The whole video of the wand selection. This is for Kay’s childhood memory.

This is from my wife’s phone. Same thing.

After this, the door open, and we went into the real Olivander’s wand shop.

Then, the sales person came, and grab Kay’s wand and said.. Olivander has chose a wand for Kay. It represents kind heart person. It cost 4900 yen. The one he got is really special, because it is limited edition box. Hahahaha So, we bought it.

And these wand are really special with magical power. There is no battery, it is all magic.

And we have two wizards here.

Let’s walk around the Hogwarts castle and find some magical thing to do.


We line up for the roller coaster ride.

The Hogwarts map.

The castle again.

Selfie time.

Wing Gardian Levi-o-sa.


Me and the castle.

And with the kids.

Oh dear. Does it mean that I cannot ride? Don’t care la.

Kay got his wand and Jay got his scarf that stand for bravery.

Also can wrap on to your head.

Oh, Hagrid’s house.

That’s the roller coaster we taking.

First magical act. Make the wind blow?

Or make the leaves move?

Or make the flag move?

Let 4 wizards tells you the story. How they move the flags. And how powerful are they.

The replica of Harry Potter houses.


How you make the star moves in the Christmas tree?

Kay learning the spell.

Zap Zap… And the stars move…

See… it works.

How about getting budge moving.

Zap Zap… it moves.

I think USJ is very cool in selling these magical wand that has may be infrared. Or something. When you stand in a specific place and flick the wand a specific way by yelling the spell, something will move.

It makes the kid wants to buy that wand. But not for these older boys. Snack is still more practical.

Unlock the door.

Yup, that is how it was done.

Kay en’s turn.

Our most favorite photos. The 8 wizards from Singapore.

Here is another look at Hogwarts Express.

Next is our Holiday Dream’s ride. We did not dare to take the Backdrop, but the sky is kind to us. The wind is blowing, so, they close the Backdrop and only open the forward moving Holiday Dream roller coaster.

One hell of a ride.

Don’t know who is this guy, but let’s take picture with him.

And our lunch is just a simple pizza lunch at one of the restaurant within the park.

It was cold outside too.

Kay run towards the Bank of Evil, eager to find out what it does.

Ai ya… Lion eat dog, Dog eat Cat, Cat eat Mouse.

Perhaps most of the exciting thing is to win these Minions where you cannot buy from anywhere. You need to win it.

And look, Kay En has actually gotten 2 bananas into the Coconut shell. He won a banana Minion. That’s makes one happy kid and the other sad. So, tomorrow, you know we have to come back for another try.

The winning throw.

Jay tried on his new jacket. Or wind breaker.

I also got him a hat. Minion hat with the minion eyes.

That concludes our first day at USJ. Yeap, we bought 2-days pass. I guess 1 day is really not enough.

So, we have a rest at the hotel. Walking back, we try to short list where to eat.

The fireworks is about to happen. Starting 5:20pm. So, it was too cold to go out there. And with the crowd, I don’t think I can achieve anything. So, let’s take the photo from the hotel. So, as you can see, I have to setup my camera at the lift lobby of the 26 floor. Our floor.

And I remember to bring my ULH. Ultimate Lens Hood from Kickstarter. This is the FIRST time ever I use it. And it works.

I am so happy about it. Do you see on all those reflections on the windows?

So, using the ULH, all the lights from behind are effectively blocked off from the camera. So, there will be no reflections.

See, now reflections.

Oh, it has started.

And now, I also learned how to use long exposure to capture the fireworks. Cannot expose too long.

Using multiple exposure settings, can capture the Ferris wheel at different color setting.

Here comes the fireworks.

And then, I exposed too long.

And way way too long. All the lights mixed up together.

After that, we need to find a place to eat. All very lazy, so, let’s have it at Hard Rock Cafe.

The kids also enjoyed themselves as there are comfort food.

Such ask muiklshakes.


Mix platters.

Bigger burgers.

Yummy one too.

And Ribs.

I think Jay love the burger a lot.

So, finally we visited Harry Potter theme park today. So, it was great as all of us including the kids grew up with Harry Potter.

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