Jay Can Cook – Boeuf Bourguignon

Date: Jan 4, 2019

When I was young, I learned how to cook by asking my mom, from the recipe books and so on.

It is very lucky that kids nowadays can access to YouTube, daddy, etc.

So, today, the main dish is Beef Bourguignon. In Chinese, it is called 红酒焖牛肉. It is a French dish. In English, just call it Red Wine Beef Stew. Hahahahaha

Who is going to do majority of the work? Of course, Jay Jay la. He likes to eat, so, he has to cook for himself. Later, he will also torch the beef for me. As I have not eaten lunch yet. Hahahaha

Actually, this dish is simple.

We need Carrots.

Some button Mushroom.

Chicken Broth. I used this because it is made in France. So, already have some French herbs in this chicken broth.

Some thyme. But later I changed to used the non-grounded one. But we need this for the taste.

We need two leaves of Bay leaves.

Some Onions. May be 1.5 Onions. These Onions from Don Don Donki is really huge.

Haiz… Wanted to buy some beef stew meat. But Don Don Donki don’t sell them. So, I have to settle with this Aussie Omugi-Gyu. Never taste this before. So, I bought two packets, will use 3 pieces of meat to cook the beef stew. (We don’t use the Steak sauce ah…)

Of course, we need some Wine. so, we intended to cook this dish many times from now on not only to perfect it. But to try to finish some bottles of red wine that I don’t usually drink. Later we see what flavors this red wine gives.

OK. First few steps, cut the ingredients.

Carrot, cut big chunk big chunk like this. It is likely we stew the beef for 1 to 2 hours. So, if you cut too small, it will “melt” into your sauce. Hahahaha

The Onions, also big piece big piece like that.

Remove the partial stems from the button mushrooms.

Now, cut the beef. Today, Jay is using my big cleaver. Ya, beef also big chunk big chunk like that.

Big chunk big chunk will need to cook very slowly. That is why called Stew.

You may season your beef with black pepper, salt, etc. Whatever you like. We also put in the Thyme, and bay leaves.

Time to get ready the red wine.

It is Australian wine. And it has fresh ripe cherries and juicy berries test. So, it is going to be sweet this red wine. In fact, a hint of sparkling as well.

We didn’t use the gounded thyme. Instead, we used the normal thyme. French always likes a lot of herbs, so you can decide how much you want to put in.

To make this dish, it is recommended to use Le Creuset if you have. The temperature is best to kept the same. First, heat up the pot, once heat up, pour some olive oil, then, put in the beef to stir fried it. Until the outside of the beef is almost cook. (Inside should still be not cook).

Once it is done, put aside the beef in a bowl.

Then, without washing the pot, pour all the vegetables into the pot.

Stir fry the vegetables in the pot. Turn the fire down a bit as you need to prepare the wine.

We also don’t know how much wine needed. Let’s do 300ml first.

Yah… He enjoy this part.

Put the red wine in and stir fry.

Now, measure 300ml of Chicken Broth.

300ml Chicken Broth.

Let’s pour it in. And stir fry.

Lastly, put the beef in. Stir a bit.

Take a spoon taste the sauce, it is a good time to put sugar, salt, pepper, and bay leaves.

At the same time, my helper is also learning this dish.

What he trying to do? Sugar GAO GAO?

You see, the fire is big, there are bubbles. The oil and the blood will float up.

Then, you remove those impurities.

There are more, remove it.

Bring it to super boiled, cover it, turn the fire to small. Let it cook for 1 hour.

While he is free now, he will cook my lunch. Mini beef BBQ steak.

Let the torch burns.

We love our torch.

And Jay Jay has become very skillful handling the torch. Hahahaha

Time to turn to the other side.

I think he has learned a lot a lot of dishes for the past few years.

This Australian Omugi beef taste quite nice too. Although is not Wagyu has no marbeling but the taste of the beef is nice.

today we used a new sauce. I am trying to find the best sauce I like.

This is the sauce we used today. From Don don Donki.

Torch again.

And again. Playing fire.

And now plating time.

This is the lunch he made for me.

Not too bad.

A bit over cook. But beef still taste nice.

And he likes it.

Oh… the fatty party.

Mommy saw it and come over to snatch.


Wow, taste good.

One hour later, our beef stew is still in the make. Do a final adjustment of the taste. Bring up the big fire, try to burn more liquid so to thicken the sauce.

And it is finally done after another 25min.

The beef is quite tender.

And plating time.

Looks nice. And the beef looks very 红烧 . 

In general, the taste is very pleasant and it is towards the sweet side. Because the red wine is a sparkling sweet red wine.

After all the alcohol vaporize, it taste so well. And it goes well with JAPANESE RICE. Yeah!

One big bowl, after 15minutes, become like this. All gone. And all eat very quietly. Means very nice. Hahahaha

Well done Jay. Today, you have cook a dish using red wine, alcohol.

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