A Robot Monkey

Date:  March 5, 2016

Yesterday at WonderWorks at Liang Court.

Jay build a robot monkey.  The robot monkey is to climb across the bar and detect it is a banana in front and then, play a “chewing banana yum yum” sound.


It is fun watching the kids build the robot from scratch and program it to do thing that imitate the real Monkey.  HaHaHa

So, when the Monkey sees a banana in front, he raise his leg to see whether it is a banana, if it is, it will play the “eating banana” sound.  Cool project.

I was a computer programmers.  May be still is.  That is why my kids will follow their daddy and learn programming at young age.  This is the fourth year Jay is in this program.  And we just started Kay Kay this year.  Even Kay is having lots of fun in his class too.



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