Kids Cooking – Making Pizza

Don’t be afraid to let your kids to cook for you.

This is my latest chef at home.

Don’t be afraid to make them your child labour.

Today Jay Jay cooked a different breakfast.  He has been promoted to cook Egg Omelette.  This is his first Omelette.

Jay Jay today prepared the Omelette breakfast for me.

However, he needs to improve more.  He still could not turn the egg over.  Need mommy to help turn the egg over.

He took in my order yesterday.  I asked for Onion, ham, luncheon meat, tomatoes and cheese inside my Omelette.

There are cheese, ham, luncheon meat, onions and tomatoes inside this Omelette.

It is great improvement already.  And the egg omelette is very tasty.

Let’s take this opportunity to introduce Chef Kay Kay too.  Last week, he finally got his National Library card.  And guess what is the first book he has borrowed from the Mobile Library.

Kay borrowed his first book from the Library.

The title of the book is called “So You Want To Grow A Pizza”.

This is the first book borrowed from the Mobile Library at Primary School.

So, it is a story book about how you can grow your vegetables and then make them into sauce.

Now you can make the sauce… hmmm….

He asked if we have tomato in the fridge, and the next thing you see is mommy help him to setup all the ingredients for the sauce and start putting every thing together and from time to time, he go behind and stir it.

The next thing you know, this kid is cooking his tomato pizza sauce.

Let’s interview him.  Hahahaha…

Funny little kid.  He got so inspired by his brother cooking the eggs every Saturday, and he says he wanted to cook too.

Chef Kay & his pizza book.

To make the pizza sauce, you simply need tomatoes, olive oil, some garlics and salt.  We don’t have aregana.  Oh… must simmer in small fire for 30-60 minutes.  No wonder he kept going to the back and stir.  So the sauce was prepared during breakfast, before they both went to badminton class.

Here is the recipe he is using from the story book.

Here come the sauce…

The secret pizza sauce cooked by chef Kay.

The pizza bread was made using this.  Mommy did this when we went to badminton class.

This machine not only can make bread, it also make the Pizza crust.  In a bread style.

OK, he needs his brother help this time.  Chop Chop Chop all the ingredients.

Let’s take a closer look how chef Jay handling the knife.

It is home made pizza.  All you need to do is to chop chop chop your ingredients and place them all in.

They really are making pizza.  No joke.  hahaha

7 years old kid cannot handle knife yet.  So, let him watch and learn.  But we are using the pizza sauce slow cooked by chef Kay just now.

Spreading the luncheon meat all over.

Wow!  Amazing cheese, pineapples, luncheon meat, gammon hams, and the super duper secret sauce cooked by chef Kay.  It is done!


It is time.  It is ready and it is time to put the pizza into the oven.  Of course, this one has to be done by adult.  They only pass the pizza to adult so that we can place the pizza into the oven.   See you 20 minutes later.

Time to put this into the oven.  Careful kids!

20 minutes later.

It is not Italian thin crust.  But the pizza bread is very delicious.  It tasted just like a bread.

Take a look at the bread.  It is just perfect!  Soft and easy to eat.

Pizza bread.

This is kid’s production.  So much toppings.  hahahaha But it taste good!  The sauce taste good too.

So much toppings…

This is probably his first time at the stove cooking.  As you can tell, he felt very proud.  And I am sure in future he wanted to cook more for us.

He is enjoying it.

In this family, the kids dirty their hands in the garden.  They dare to play garden worms in their hand.  They learned how to grown vegetables and food thru gardening and aquaponics.  And now they learn how to cook.  My wife says to my domestic helper: “Auntie, you are very lucky.  The kids help you to cook.  hahahahaha”

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