Messy Cables into Not So Messy

Date:  Oct 11, 2015

I have this on my study table.  It has 5x 2.1A charging USB ports. 

You see the problem?  

All the charging cables are so long (1-2m long).  So, even when you coil up it does not looks so elegant.

Messy Cables

And placing this at my study table seems too bulky.  This is the very first product I see from the market couple years ago.  And it still serve the charging purpose, and I get to coil all the cables behind and hide it.  So, this one, I place it in my bed room.

Not so messy

So, after searching around, the only way is to get “shorter cables”.  That’s it.  

IMG 1686

So, I got these from Amazon.  I make sure it is both USB sync and charge cable.

It is about 20cm long and it is just perfect.

I used to get a lot of these cables from China, it is cheap, but the quality of the cable is sometimes inconsistent.  So, I decided to buy it from Amazon, and at least these are tested by QA, and also made from China for most of it, but better.  A few bucks more thrown in to the cables management nicer and colourful.

IMG 1907

It does not look so messy.

IMG 1908

This is a charging cable.  For multiple interface.

IMG 1909

so, now I am very happy to look at the charging cables on my study table.  Looks more neater.

IMG 1685

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