The New Amazon Fire TV – Side-load 3rd Party APK OK!

Date:  Oct 11, 2015

(Info For Advanced Users Only)

If you don’t know what is going on here… read these first.

Why I think Amazon Fire TV is the best Media TV Box:

How to side-load 3rd party APK files onto Amazon Fire TV:


This is the new Amazon Fire TV.  The one comes with 4K Ultra HD.

IMG 1678

It has faster processor and it can do 4K HD video.

IMG 1691

Certified Frustration-free Packaging.  It is simple packaging.

IMG 1689

Cool.  It comes with a Micro SD.

IMG 1695  1

I bought it from Amazon, so, they know me, they know who am I, so, they pre-configure everything for me as per last Amazon Fire TV box.

And once got has Internet, it will do automatically upgrade.

IMG 1696

So, very simple.

1.  Go to the Developer options, turn on ADB.

2.  Turn on to allow 3rd party software installation.

3.  Download Platform-Tools on your iMac or PC.

4.  Use the command line, and ADB to connect and install all the APK you wanted.

IMG 1698

And yoo-hoo… Shafa Market and Shafa Launcher is installed successfully.

So, you can install

1.  Kodi, XBMC, or TVMC on it.  To watch your favourite movies, BBC iPlayer, etc.

2.  All the wonderful Chinese App from Shafa Market.

3.  CloudTV for your TV channels.

4.  Use the native Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant TV, Youtube & Vimeo.  The App is so much better than the one you found out there for mobile phones.

5.  You can expand storage using USB hard disk or MicroSD card.

Everything run as per normal.  It is just another TV Set Top Box.  And it is much faster.

Hook up to 2x Game Controller, it shall replace my Xbox and Wii too for quick games.

IMG 1699


  1. Hi Ken,

    This is great news about Amazon's Fire TV – thank you for the review! Am definitely going to get the Game version when it's released. BTW – would you be able to share your latest APK files with your blog readers on Google Drive? Many many thanks!

  2. Hi ken, why would you recommend amazon fire tv? This still need to 'hack' and i look at aliexpress 'android tv box' – there's so many cheap ones – less than USD 50

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