Jay Jay & His Ozobot

Date:  Oct 8, 2015

This year, I gave Jay this birthday present.

IMG 1637

In responding to LSL’s Smart Nation propaganda.

So, we need to teach kids how to do simple programming.

This is Ozobot.

IMG 1646

It is a small little robot that will move.

IMG 1640

It moves according to black lines and color coding.  You want it to move fast, you do a blue black blue black blue black line.  If you want it to turn right, make sure your line has blue-red-green in there.

IMG 1648

It is quite cute.

IMG 1641

It comes with these route cards to demonstrate what it can do.

IMG 1642

You can also go to the website to download games and print it out.

IMG 1650

At the moment, the Ozobot program is as simple as this.  You can re-program it using the Blockly app.

For kids at this age, don’t jump into that yet.

IMG 1643

Let them understand using colour you can program the robots too.

IMG 1647

You can make them do funny things too.  All simply by using color coding.

IMG 1649

That is why you need the magic pen.  Or you can draw on the white board too.

IMG 1652

You can play games from the printed sheet, and fill in the color to make it work.

IMG 1664

Jay Jay explaining the robot.

Jay playing with his Ozobot.

He is so happy about it.

IMG 1670

Very eager to explore too.

IMG 1659

Happy Birthday Jay Jay!  Hope you like this present!

IMG 1636

Jay Jay has been a very good kid for the past 1 year.  And he even not to forget to study his Chinese (daily reading and listening) on his birthday before sleep. 

IMG 1634

That is why I top up with this.  Which I save S$88 when buying it from Malaysia.  

We finally have a Millennium Falcon at home.

IMG 1694

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