Two Wheel Bicycle – Learn in Less Than 2 Hours

Date:  Nov 7, 2013

This is probably the fastest way to make your kid picked up cycling fast.  Wahahahahahahaha

The 5.62kg ISLABIKES arrived on Monday night.  So, I let young Kay cycle about 30 minutes by using the legs to push the bicycle in the living room, dining area, etc.  

The next day is raining, so, we did not do anything.

The third day, we went down to continue to push the bike using the two legs and learn how to balance.  About 40 minutes.


 I installed the pedals onto the ISLABIKES.

And then, I asked him to roll down from the small slope at the lift lobby there.

 IMG 1053

 Slowly… let it roll down by itself.

 IMG 1054

And QUICKLY place his legs onto the pedals.

IMG 1055

And start pedalling hard!!!  

IMG 1056

And the next thing you know, Kay Kay is pedalling his bicycle.

IMG 1057

The balancing is just perfect.

IMG 1058

 Let’s take a look again! 

1.  SLOPE is very important for him to learn how to cycle.

2.  The “Weeeeeee” sound effect is also very important.  When you say “Weeeeeee” means, your legs has to be lifted up and place it on the pedals.

3.  Then, encourage him by asking him to “Pedal hard!”

Kay Kay already so happy until he forgot how much handwork he has put in to learn how to cycle.  


Let’s see it from the front video.

OK.  He know show to swing his bike left and right.  So, means that he is learning to balance.  He is also piling up all these experience.


So, my wife saw Kay Kay riding his bike on his own just now.  And her jaw open very wide.

IMG 1062

One of the neighbour who’s daughter is learning how to bike on a 4-wheels bike saw Kay Kay yesterday still having some problem handling the balance.

But today, she saw Kay Kay pedalling his bicycle.  Both the domestic helper, the mom, and the daughter jaw dropped.

IMG 1066

Take a good look at this position.  Imagine that that the bike fell side way, and the frame or the tyre wheel will be leaning on his leg.  Because it is only 5.62kg, it does not hurt at all.  So, when it is not hurt, the kid >> (bigger) than the bike.  So, the kid feel safer, parents feel safer, and the kid increase his confident.

Now, imagine that my son Kay is 14kg, and is old bike is 10kg.  And when the bike fell sideway, will the frame break his leg??  possible.  Because the old bike is heavy.  The fell down force will be great.  And that will definitely cause pain to the kid.  When kid felt pain, NO NO.  They lost all the confidence and they cannot concur the fear.  So, learning how to ride will fail because the kid is in shocked and scared mode.

IMG 1068

So, of course, you don’t stop there.


1.  Even very small incline road (small slope) also can give that extra push.  Take a look.

2.  Not far from there, there is another even smaller slope that looks like a flat road.  But you just tell Kay it is a slope and he simply believes it.  And he can pedals the bike from there.

But when he believe he is on the flat road, he still need confident and strength to pedal hard which he could not at the moment.


So, I am very happy to see Kay Kay finally pedalling.

More work to be taught.


I got to ask my friend to see if his bike shop can bring in this bike or not. 

GOOD JOB KAY KAY.  NOV 7 2013 is when you learn how to pedal!

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  1. Hi Ken. Thanks for blogging your experience. It's great Kay Kay picked up so quickly. Will be using your tips. I have been following it as I am looking for a bike for my 5 yr 2mth daughter who is 110.5cm tall. Very interested in the Islabike 16. But wondering if my daughter might outgrow it very quickly. How tall is your Kay Kay? Also looking at the Likeabike 16 which is available here in SG for $700 from The Better Toy Shop, but that weighs 7.5kg.

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