Kay Bicycle – No Need Slope Anymore

Date:  Nov 8, 2103

The amazing things about kids is they can pick up and learn things fast.  (As long as they have the confident)

IMG 1209

Check this out.

He placed his leg feet on the left pedal, and using his right feet to PUSH the bike.  On a flat ground.  No Slope.

So, as he gain enough speed, wala…. he is pedalling again on the

I did not teach him that.

He sort of figure that part out by himself.

IMG 1210

And quickly he places both his legs onto the pedals once he gain enough speed. 

IMG 1211

It is quite cool to see your son learn things by his own.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/FPMrovzFcig

And today, he can race with his mom.

He is now riding a little bit faster than I jog.  

IMG 1213

No wonder he is so happy today.  

IMG 1208

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