Relearning The Balancing on ISLABIKES

Date:  Nov 6, 2013

One of the privilege of being a parent is that you get to teach your kids how to pedal a bicycle.  Most of the time, you will start with 4 wheels and then trying to concur the fear and pedal the 2 wheels bike.  You will see tears, blood, and frustrations.  That is life.  🙂

Kay Kay is very light, about 13-14KG.  So, he cannot handle a heavy bicycle even it is a 4 wheels bike.  So, I have to specially order this ultra-light bike from ISLABIKES for him.  And I am very confident that he can learn how to ride a 2 wheel bikes with pedals very soon.  

Jay and Kay is different build and different character.  So, we need different bike and different teaching methods.


 IMG 1042

Yesterday it was rainy day.  So, we did not get any chance to ride the bike.  Today, the sky is clear, so, we have an hour time to play.

So, let’s start him with the smaller slope.  The slope just beside the lift.  

You always wanted to make use of the slope to train your kids.

They will learn balancing very fast on the slope.


OK.  Sometimes, the kids is too over confident on it, you let him fall.

Wahahaha.  When he fell down, do not give out your hand.  Ask him to stand up on his own.

They have to learn how to pick themselves up when they fell.

Kay actually cries.  But after 1 minute.  He was having fun pushing the bike again.


Of course, just now he fell down.  He was going too fast and forgot that he has this little thing called “breaks”.  So, you teach him how to tekan the breaks.


After few minutes later he is able to ride up and down the bigger slope with no problem. 

It’s getting very dark.  But he still have a lot of fun.


Let’s go to the lift lobby area again.  Brighter.


This time, I asked him to pretend he is peddling without the pedals.  And he really follows.. hahaha


I am guessing, another 1-2 hours practising the balancing, we should be able to install the pedals for him soon.

IMG 1035

Remember, SLOPE is very important for them to learn bicycle.

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