The World’s First Alexa Enabled Car Charger – ROAV Viva by Anker

Date:  May 6, 2018

Anker always got very good charger adapter and portable battery product.

This is ROAV VIVA by Anker.

It is a dual port car charger.

By the way, it has Alexa on it, and it can connect to your car audio systems be it by bluetooth or other means.

This is Cool.  The only thing that is bad is… the name… how do you pronounce “Roav”.. and is it called “Roav” or “Viva” or “Roav Viva” or “Anker”???  hahahahaha  Not easy name to call.


Wow, it is “made for iPhone”.


But they cannot forget the Android users too.  Hahahaha.  Conflicting marketing message on the box packaging.


Very easy to install.  Simply plug into the cigarette lighter socket.

Download the Roav VIVA app.

Follow instruction from the app.  I did this during driving (with the help of Jay’s hand).  So, it is kind of simple to install and enable Alexa.


Chances are… you already connected bluetooth to your car audio systems.  So, Roav VIVA app simply bridge your Roav VIVA Alexa to the car audio systems.

Very easy and smart.


This is the Roav VIVA.


Some iPhone using USB or AUX-In to connect to the car.  You can also use that.


3 ways to connect.


And of course, we always know the Anker car charger is quite good.

Wow… 2 ports 5V/4.8A output capability.


I bought this almost a month.  Only yesterday got the time to use it.

The version is 3.2.7 already.  Strange.  Version already at 3.x.x??  Interesting.. what is version 1 and 2 then?


Oh this is cool.

Garmin Speak can only work with Garmin map.  And Garmin map turn by turn instruction is not available in Singapore yet for Garmin Speak.  So, the navigation function is useless on Garmin Speak.


Roav VIVA is clever.  It connects to Google, Waze or “Build-in Maps”  … not sure what is Build-in Maps.  But it looks like Apple Maps.

I have not got a chance to try it yet.  But if Google or Waze works, then, I got to say sorry to my CarPlay…  Because Siri can only run Apple Map.  Sometimes Apple Map is still not perfect.  hahaha You know what I mean.

But if I use this, then, I need to hang my iPhone at the dash board.  hahaha


I simply ask Jay to install it at the cigarette lighter port at the rear seats.


Now, my back seats got 2 more powerful USB charging port.


Roav VIVA Alexa powered by Anker, please meet CarPlay Siri.


That’s Jay’s hand.  So small device.





Let’s put it to work.


Alexa, how old are you?

Siri, how old are you?

(Just nice, the car went into a 4G dead zone, so, Internet connection is slower, that is why the response is slow…)

OK, everything Alexa is working again in my car.

Including turning on my aircon in my bedroom, and turn on the lights in my bedroom.

Yes, I can remotely turn on my light via Philip Hue in the bedroom before I reach home.


And the Air-con via Sensibo.


This is IoT.



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