1758 – Ini Kali Lah!


Date:  May 9, 2018

1758 – 一起Ubah!(Ubah = changes)means change of government.

This “1758” is the 4D and slogan keep popping out among Chinese Malaysians.

After a few days of non-stop reading news.  Watching You-tubes.  I seriously think that my country – Malaysia really have hope to change the government.


Hope in Malay means “Harapan”.  So, 2018, we have Hope.  We have the Pakatan Harapan.  And like what Jyn Erso said in Star Wars Rouge One … “Rebellions are build on Hope”.

Here is what I think.  What I gather from reading from Internet.  It is purely my personal opinion.  Sometimes I reference some of the photos I get from Internet, with my limited capability, I may not know whether is real or fake.  I hope everything is real of course.

  1. This is the last election.  PKT vote the popular votes, but the PKT underestimates the Kampung area, old folks.  So, BN won 133 seats parliament seats.


2.  That is the reason why, when you talk to your friend in KL, in Penang, they always said they voted the oppositions.  And yes, all these major city and states, they (oppositions) usually win and take over the seats.  But these young people cannot change their parents votes back in Kampung.  May be there are a lot of sweets given back home in the Kampung.  Whoever give the sweets then you vote that person.

I hope every one learn the lessons, and go home, talk to their parents, cousins, whoever still staying in Kampung area, etc and ask them to make a correct choice.


3.  In last election, I think what they say about the PM is only the Mongolia Girl got murdered case la, the submarine scandal lah, etc.  1MDB is not yet out.


4.  In last election, you wonder where does garment come out with so much money to “buy votes” but the heart of voters.  Well let Tony Phua tell you more about these.  So, last election, he (you know who, but shall not be named) has a lot of “donations” from the Arab, and nobody know where and how the money come from.

Now you know.  2.6B IMDB scandal is uncovered.  And what about others that is no surface yet?  Compare to the Mongolia girl murdered, which is now still a mystery, this 1MDB is huge.  That is where the garment money gone to.  Wall Street Journal says one, cannot be Fake News bah.

part 1.

part 2.

part 3.

Tony Phua is a politician.  He looks after PJ.

Real politician.

But the way how he presented the 1MDB

5. So, BN is plagued by this 1MDB news.  Within Umno, it splitted the gang.  BN is also plagued by the Felda Global Ventures scandal, National Feedlot scandal and the Port Klang Free Trade Zone scandal.  Go and search google yourself to search for details of these news.  All corruptions news.  Bad for BN as Garment.

But perhaps the biggest thingy here is… GST.  So, if Garment is related to corruptions news, what will they do about the GST.

So, just listen to this report card (in Malay).  Penang refuse to do GST.  Without the GST, Penang thrives.  Why?  Because Penang is “Bersih”.  And they still give money back to the people.

I think the garment need to realise that people are suffering.

6.  I think the biggest reason why BN may suffer this term, because…


Dr. M can retired in any exotic island in the way.  May be Curacao.

At the age of 92 years old, why the hell he wants to come out in GE14?

He says he wanted to help the people.

He says he wanted to correct his past mistakes.

And guess what…

Both of them shaking hands.

He on the right forgives him on the left.

And let’s work together to change Malaysia.

Dr. M visits ex-PAS chairman graves pay respects.

Dr. M apologise for past mistakes.


7.  In a surprising move.  DAP dropped using their own rocket.  And all uses only one unified logo.

Yes, this cause a lot of discussion among DAP supporter.  Some says Lim Guan Eng is traitors.  Hey, look at the big picture.  Do you want to change the garment or not?


Only united then we got hope.


8.  The splits in UMNO.

These lao-jiao from UMNO openly support Harapan.  Why?


And UMNO fired them and kick them out of UMNO.

Do they care?  And every one once they are on the opposite site, they become good.

Daim says, BN are you sure you can get every Felda seats…

felda voters seats.jpg

Muhyiddin says “Don’t dream of Felda is your vote bank.”


So, my feel is, every one, who is supporting Harapan is doing a lot of thing at the moment to win this.

Dr. M certainly will not come out if he himself think there is no chance.

Lim Guan Eng will not simply any how drop the Rocket logo and join hand with Harapan if he thinks there is no chance.

So, let’s wait and see.

However, there are a few minor thing to note.

Johor.  The Prince and the Sultan remembered who wanted to strip away their royal rights.

PAS.  The one that leaves PKR.  Are they going to have big impact?  I guess not.

Is PAS going to split the vote?  I guess not.

Now the important questions is …

Are you voting?

I remember the biggest joke in US.

Every one thinks Trump is a joker.

Every one hates Clinton.

Come the voting day, “ai yah” it does not matter lar, I am not voting, let the public decides.

It is because of this, US selected Trump as president.

So that it brings so much entertainment to us the viewers, when American TV make full funs of him.

Your Vote is important.  Be it you don’t like both of them, but you still need to make a stand.  Without your votes, there are unpredictable consequences.  Learn from the US mistakes.


I am a Malaysian.  I am still is.

If my sons are reading this.  They ought to know how I feel now.  How much I love this country.  And they should know when I write until here, my eyes are full of tears. Happy that … We have Hope (harapan).

I always from time to time, I teach my son.  Remember who are you.  If you are a Singapore citizen, you got to love Singapore.  Your daddy is Malaysian, and I will need to do my job as a Malaysian citizen, be responsible for it.  This is my 3rd time voting.  And I am very very sure my single votes counts.  And my single vote helped the country to become a better Malaysia.

And together with all the Malaysian around the world who used whatever methods to come home and vote.  I salute all of you.  And thanks.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 4.24.31 AM.png

And it is really the Singapore Army is back.  To save Malaysia.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 8.10.11 PM.png

Don’t be surprise all the Malaysians suddenly disappear today.  Not because of Thanos from Infinity war hor.


Lastly… treat this like going to Interview.  Wear collar shirts.  no shorts no slippers.



remember the rules.


Here is how..


Please make sure.. no 丐帮 jeans..


And lastly very lastly…









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