Bangkok: Four Face Buddha

Date:  June 28, 2013

It was a mistake to go there without a tour guide.  🙂

On the first day, we leave the kids with Esther’s domestic helper in my room, and we heads off to Thao Maha Brahma, a.k.a Four Face Buddha.

IMG 3436

Here we are at the temple station, and we saw a lot of people on the road.  No cars.  Curious.  These people were rehearsing for the graduation.  not sure what graduation party walking not he street.

IMG 3427

So, we walk towards the direction of 4 face buddha.  And along the way, there are all these stores selling Incense, and flowers and lots of stuff.  Then, this shop lady came to us, and say, “买香”, “Ah Moy teach you how to 拜拜”.  So, I stopped and listen to her.  

IMG 3440

In no time, he stuccoed all these into my hand.  Incense sticks and the candles.

IMG 3430

In no time, I have 3 sets of bags with flowers, candles, incense sticks, gold paper, and so on.

And the lady bring us to the 4 face buddha there, and place our stuff nicely and neatly on a plastic plate.

A set of this cost 2,200 Baht!!!!!!!!! (That is very expensive!)

IMG 3432

And there is the 4 face buddha.

IMG 3431

We have to buy 4 sets of flowers, candles, incense sticks, gold paper and so on.  Because it has  4 different faces to pay respect too.  So we carefully placed the incense sticks, candles in each direction.  Says our name, and then, tell the buddha what is our wish.

IMG 3433

Of course, me wishes my family and friends are in good health and fight the haze, etc.

After I done every thing, I suddenly remember that I forgot to wish me good luck in 4D.  hahahahaha

IMG 3435

Wow, after that, I walk back to all the stores and see the prices.  And really adds up to 2,200 Baht.  

IMG 3439

Then, I talked to my tour guide friend Thomas the next day about this.  Thomas laugh at me and says why never call him.  I asked why?  because if I called him, he would tell me go straight to the 4 face buddha there, and there is a place selling incense sticks candles and flowers there.  And it cost only 200-300 baht to do so.  And the ladies there will sing and dance after you buy the incense sticks and so on.  hahahaha

Tip:  Remember, DO NOT BUY from these stores.  Go straight into the 4 face buddha gates, and then, buy the incense sticks there.


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