Vie Hotel Bangkok

Date:  June 28, 2013

Last week was busy with CommunicAsia.  This week just came back from Bangkok with my 2 boys.  Finally, I got the time to spent on my iMac.  🙂

Let’s talk about Vie Hotel.

This is Vie Hotel.  Across the road is Asia Hotel.  Down the road is MBK (5-10 minutes walk).  Down the road turn left is Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, Paragon, etc.  Very convenient.  2 minutes walk to the BTS train.

IMG 3425

As you know, I did not have enough sleep last week.  So, I went to Agoda and I don’t know why, and I clicked “3 person” (the 3 man icon) room.  The last one in below list.  If you compare to MBS singapore or any Sentosa hotel, this is cheaper.  HaHaHaHa 

Screen Shot 2013 06 28 at 7 15 03 PM

So, I end up getting this room.

IMG 3405

Jay Jay was amaze.  He blur already.

IMG 3407

Wait, that was only the bed room.  You have a day bed beside.  And and King Size bed.  Toilet is on the left.

IMG 3500

Let’s check out the Toilet.  The bath tub is really nice and clean.

IMG 3506

There is also a nice shower room.  With two types of shower head, and rain shower and the normal shower head.

IMG 3409

Toilet is quite huge.  I like it.

IMG 3411

Wait.  That was just the room.  Wait till you see the living room, and study table.

IMG 3502

We stayed on Room 1902.  It is a suite.  Conrad & family stay just above us.  The living room is huge enough to put another bed.  Some how they gave me an extra bed.

IMG 3420

The kids brought the Bakugan, and the living room is big enough for home to play.  There are two TVs too.

IMG 3442

That afternoon when we arrived, we left all the kids with Esther’s domestic helper.  And the adults go and check out BTS.  And visited the 4 faces buddha.

IMG 3520

There is a 7-11 opposite, so I bought some snacks and water and place it in the room.

IMG 3441

The study area.

IMG 3508

This is where I work every day in Bangkok last week.

IMG 3510

The restaurant at 11 floor is one of Thailand’s best.

IMG 3517

Early morning.  The kids sleep in until 7am-8am.

IMG 3584

They definitely happy staying in this boutique hotel.

IMG 3591

At the breakfast place, you have this honey.  🙂  Real honey comb.

IMG 3585

So, if you plan to go Bangkok, and wanted to do shopping only, this is one of the good hotel to stay.  But if you wanted to tour theme park, and go to sight visit, then, the jam can be bad in the morning and evening.

For SGD$180 per night, it is a good deal to get a big suite like this.  

Strongly recommended this hotel for Shopping folks.. 

Oh I forgot to mention the pillow.  They have 5 different types of softness of the pillow for you to choose from.  And oh boy, those pillows are really very comfortable.  No wonder the boys sleep so much and so long.

 IMG 3514

Can see MBK from hotel room too.

IMG 3422

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