His 3rd Da Vinci Labs Monthly Competition

Date:  May 5, 2018

A happy day for both Jay and Kay.


This is the first time, he gets to partner his brother to compete in the monthly competition.


Of course he is happy!  Jay has won two times before.  This is the Hat-trick.


This month challenge is, elder kid partner with younger kid to come up with 2 robots, one need to cover all the red dots, and pass the crate to the other robot at the black dot, and the other robot needs to bring the crates and cover half of the blue dots.

This challenge is to let both contester had the chance to program the robot, and the senior one do a slightly more complex routine, and the other simple one.

And the winner is the team who can do it fastest.


The kids are troubleshooting and testing the robots.


So, they did it in 23.03 seconds.

And the other closest team is 23.15 seconds.  The other team is a sec 1 student who is also Pei Tong’s alumni.  That is why Jay was quite happy.

And of course, Kay is the most happiest.  Because he finally win a monthly competition.

This is the third time hat trick for Jay.

I did notice the contesters are getting more and more.  🙂

I think I signed up both of them into Da Vinci Python Robotics programming is a good choice.

  1. The kids takes their own pace to learn.  Some learn fast some learn slow.
  2. I sent the kids whenever I like.  If I can, I can sent them 360 days a year.  But the fees are the same no matter you sent 1 time or 20 times in a month.  Of course, now they got some flexible credits scheme so that you can go anytime you want and use up the credits.
  3.  The teaching materials are well organised and structured.  It is a 1-year University course made to suit the kids.  What do you expect?  Like Jay is going to do his final project by building a robot, and presenting it in a presentation style.  Last week, this kid, Jerric has delivered his presentation on his autonomous tank.  He is the first student who completed the Intermediate I course.  (There are still Intermediate II and Advanced course after this).


4.  The kids are still having fun building robotics.  By at the same time, they are expose to Python programming thru the Blockly interface.

5.  They have monthly competition to encourage kids to compete and understand the rules.  Too bad, I can’t sent Jay to WRO (World Robotics Olympiad) because the competition is too close to PSLE in September.


And they got vouchers to spent as a prize.


My two happy kids.

And Yes, I know, now is SA1.  Don’t worry, I make sure they have done all the study before I bring them to Da Vinci, Taekwondo…


We end up watching TV to end the Saturday before SA1.


Watching this cool movie.  Teach them about 1) love, 2) bad guys.  Velarian and the city of thousands planet.


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