Hahaha Forrest City

Date:  May 2, 2018

I was going thru and cleaning my thousands of Photos on my iMac, and I came across this.   Wow, my first visit to Forrest City.


Back in September 2016.  It is my first visit to Forrest City (@ Iskandar)

This is what I have been sold.

20 years later, Forrest City will look like this.


Here is another view.


Approx. 700k residence is going to stay on this island, just beside JB (Johor Bahru).


Yeap, a man made island.

They claimed that their technology is so advanced that their technology win the Kiasu’s Singapore.  And the phase 1, 2 and 3 will be available 2 years later.


It is a beautiful city, there are no roads above, all cars and roads are in basement 1 and 2.


Back in 2016, this is how they trying to sell me.

This bridge is currently being build 7×24 and it is going to connect the Tuas bridge.


You don’t believe?

Then, the sales will bring you outside.

You see those trucks carrying sands in the middle of the sea?

You see Tuas is over at the right?

They are building the bridge there.


You don’t believe here is more info.


More document.


And today is May 2, 2018.  1.5 years later.

Nothing happen.

I don’t think the bridge connecting Forrest City to Tuas bridge ICA custom is happening at all.

Just look at the size of that Forrest City island.  20 years later.  Now 1.5 years passed.


So, after I came back, I tell my friends about this “Fairy Tale” and it is really happening.  And I ask them “Do you dare to invest?”


I give it a good laugh.  1.5 years later, I still give it a good laugh.


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