Investment in Malaysia

Date:  May 2, 2018

  1. Always take precaution when you invest in foreign country.
  2. Property is something kind of stable but the return can be slow.  However, choosing the developer and project sometimes can be headache and need to be really careful.
  3. If you are Malaysian, and Singapore PR, then, you can buy as a Malaysian.  Cheaper and most of the time return is always sort of there.  I think if you are Foreigner, your minimum investment has to be > 1mil Ringgit.
  4. Sometimes if possible, invest in the smaller cities or town.  Those in KL, JB & Penang already become quite expensive.



  • My father in law booked a unit for me.
  • It is located just opposite Aeon shopping center.  Beside within 2min driving distance, there are Tesco and Giant supermarket.
  • It is 1600 sq. feet.  I think bigger than a 4 or 5 room HDB flat.
  • My in laws house is just 5min drive away.
  • It is in Seri Manjung, near Setiawan and Lumut and Pangkor Island.
  • The asking price is RM 268K, so you divide it by 3, it is about SGD 90K.
  • If you have savings, then, you should be able to buy without taking any loan.


The developer is the owner of a near by 大伯公庙 temple.  He did a lot of charity work.  A good person.


Not too bad.  Of course, buying landed property can be much cheaper.  But having a condo means you can make use of the facilities there.  1690 Sq. Ft.  is a nice size.


It is free hold.

Takes 3 years to build.  I bought it 2 years ago, means, another year should be finishing soon.  Last time I went there is during Chinese New Year, and they already build up to 25 floors.


Let’s wait and see.   Next time, we have one more place to stay when going back to Setiawan.





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