My Third Visit to Casse-Croute

Date:  June 7, 2015

Having a GOOD restaurant in your Condo (Park West) can be extremely dangerous.

Regardless of how many KGs that you have lost for the past 2 weeks, it will all come back in one night.

IMG 4456IMG 4457

Let’s check out what have I eaten on my 3rd visit.  Friends wanted to try it out, so they came.  And because they knew we stayed in Park West, so, we joined in.

Wearing normal shorts and T-shirts, we showed up at the restaurant again.

This is the new “Sausages” we tasted.

the darker colour on the left side is the “duck heart” if I did not hear wrongly.  The white colour part at the center is Foie Gras.

And the green nuts is the Pistachios.

IMG 4458

This is called “Cold” Duck Sausage with Foie Gras and Pistachios Nuts.  

Oh ya… whatever you see… most of it you can tabao (buy and bring home).

100gm of these is about $8.40

Taste very nice for every thing mix together.  It is quite unique.

IMG 4460

Goes well with the pickles.

IMG 4454My friend Terry suggested that we should drink White Wine first.

This bottle is Karate Albarinho from Spain.  It is $44 on the menu.  It is very fragrance the aroma, and it goes well with the “Cold” duck.

IMG 4461

I took a look at the Wine List, and most of the wine are good value for money.  And Terry says it is way way cheaper than drinking them in a proper fine dining restaurant.

IMG 4463

The Gammon Ham is really nice and meaty.  After the meal, my friend takes away 300gm, and I bought 100gm for my daily breakfast.

100gm of Gammon Ham is $6.50.  It is almost 2-3 times the price of what you get from Cold Storage or NTUC Finest, but the porky meaty taste is very nice and fresh.  It is very different.

IMG 4464

On the other side of the plate, I can’t remember what is this.  But it is nice too.  Goes well with the white wine.

IMG 4469

It is still White Asparagus season.

IMG 4468

Lastly, for our appetisers, this is the White Pork Sausages.  It is milky white as it is made with milk.  It is so soft when you eat it and the milky sausages goes well with the mustard.

I eat it by wrapping the Gammon Ham outside of this White Sausage.  Taste very nice for the two combinations.

IMG 4474

This is no joke.  4 of us finished all the cold cuts and appetisers in no time.  Some left over for Melissa who comes late after his meeting with customers.

Everything we leave a small tiny bit for her.  HaHaHa.

IMG 4479

It is time to open another wine.  This time is red.

Georges Vernay Syrah de Mirabaudie 2013.  A young Syrah that has good character.  Goes well with the Pork Cheeks and Peppercorn Tenderloin.

IMG 4488

We ordered only 3 main dishes.  My wife actually told Patrick to stop me from ordering so much food.

This is the Braised Pork Cheeks with Tomato.  It is not on the menu I think.  

But this Pork cheeks does not taste porky at all.  In fact, I can’t tell if I eat it without knowing what it is.  

Every one thought it is a beefy dish.  But it is not beef, it is pork.

Very nice and well done.  Love it.

This dish cost $20.

IMG 4480

This is the Beef Cheeks.

This is Braised Beef Cheeks in Red Wine with Carrots & Mushrooms.

Very nice.  Very tender.

This dish costs $18.

IMG 4487

Don’t waste the red wine sauce for the Braised Beef Cheeks.

We later asked Patrick to cook some Penne Pasta with the red wine sauce from the Braised Beef Cheeks.  Very nice.

IMG 4490

The Pepper Steak Caramelised Beef Tenderloin with White Peppercorn & Brandy Sauce.  200gm.  Lovely!  Lovely.

This is the third time I had this.  Medium Raw.  Very good meat.  Nice.

All goes very well with our young Syrah.  The beef from Huber’s is not cheap.  After cooking, $32 for this beef.  Very nice.

IMG 4483

Not to forget the lovely side dishes.  

We finished almost every thing.

IMG 4485

Oh ya, the kids already finished their Penne Pasta with Creamy mushrooms sauce.  And I told them to go home (go upstairs) and play.

This is one good thing about this restaurant within your Condo.  You can come down here and eat with your shorts and T-shirts and then, after your kids finished their food, they can go up (go home) and play.

While the adults still hang out here and chill out.

It is time to start our desserts.  

So, Patrick recommend this bottle.

A Chateau Vari Montbazillac from France.  A half bottle is $30.  

Surprisingly, it is very good.  It goes well with what we about to eat.

IMG 4496

This is the house specialty.  YUMMY!

Choux Pastry Filled with Vanilla Ice Cream and Dark Chocolate Sauce, Almond Flakes.  $12.

IMG 4493

We ordered 4 desserts.  And it all come in a small bottle like this.

Patrick says some students come with their pocket money saved to by the Dark Chocolate Petit Pot.  $8.  It is indeed very yummy.

My wife ordered Tiramisu, it is very nice.

And we have Cream Caramel too.

All goes well with the sweet wine.  Love it.

IMG 4491

Yet, again, we had a very satisfactory dinner that day, before my wife fly to U.S. again.

Meanwhile, I think I forgot to show case what we ate in our second visit, where we ate with Jay & Kay’s friends from Kindergarten.

IMG 3358

Kay is happy when he “hosted” the dinner with his friend Gwen.

IMG 3373

This is the Gammon Ham with Pig Head Jelly something like those what you eat in Teo Chew restaurant.

The two bottle of Pork Liver Pate and the Duck Riellets.

IMG 3361

Lamb Balls Spaghetti.

IMG 3362

Kids steaks with shoestrings fries.

IMG 3365

Beef Cheeks.

IMG 3366

I am not sure what is this.  Forgot.

IMG 3367

Peppercorn Pork Tenderloin.  Also very nice.

IMG 3369

Pork Ribs.

IMG 3371

For the first visit, please click below.

Remember, you will need to make reservations.  🙂

Next time, when James comes back from Italy, and Terrence came back from Legoland, we will be back here to try out all the menu items and those who is not on menu.

i.e. Cote du Boeuf.  Yeah.  Patrick says he can cook that just give him 2-3 days notice in advance.

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