Hokkaido Trip with a Selfie Stick

Date:  Dec 14, 2014

I got this from Narita Airport, at one of the electronic store (left side).

I gave my wife this as her Christmas present.

And what do you know, she said this is one of the best Christmas present she ever had from me.  ?????  Hahahahahaha.

OK, it is a Selfie Stick.  It is 2,980yen and there are also version for Android + iPhone other model. (Yellow Color).

This product is so good that I end up ordering another 2 from Amazon, and bought another 3 from the same store during our return trip (luckily they replenish their stocks).

IMG 5975

What so great about this selfie stick is:

1.  It is light.  Very very light.

2.  It plugs into the iPhone’s headphone jack, and it comes with a button to take photo.

3.  It has a small mirror for you to see yourself to make sure every one is in the photos if you use the higher resolution rear camera.

Let’s take a look at the photos first.  Later will show you the features.

The kids love new gadget.  Asking them to take a selfie is always amazing.  You can get them gather them and take the photo.  Instead of asking them to stay still and take photo.

IMG 3392

You can fit more people in your photo.

IMG 3398

You can fit too wide background behind.  But the key thing is the people.

IMG 3399

You get the kids do all sort of amazing faces.  Because they can see themselves.  That is why they know how to pose for you.

IMG 3461

And you get more photos of you and your significant half.  Without asking 路人甲 to take it for you.

IMG 3480

More photo of yourself and your wife.

IMG 3498

With kids.

IMG 3511

With friends who is amazed with the gadget.

IMG 3513

More picture with your wife.

IMG 3522

You will know this is selfie when the arm is reaching out towards the camera.

IMG 3526

Most importantly, you can have more memorable photo about your family.

IMG 3530

Taking family photo is very important.  Because this is the only proof you can give to your children when they get older about spending money on them on vacation.

IMG 3541

You can take photo with your rear high resolution camera or with your front camera with FaceTime quality.  You can tell the difference.

IMG 3547

Taking selfie is the fun thing to have.  Shawn is using a different one.  With a bluetooth.


And my wife have to LOST it the next day.  I think she accidentally drop it while climbing back to the pine house.  May be at the train station, or may be in the taxi, etc.  So, she lost it.  And she has to use her old selfie stick which is 1) heavy, 2) must use another bluetooth devices to sync and take photo.  But still a selfie stick.  (and she lost my Moku bluetooth photo shutter the next day).

IMG 3613

Ok.  Let’s talk about the selfie stick.

The one I am using is called Looq 2S.  This is for iphone 6/6 Plus.

Before my Hokkaido trip, I was quite negative and against of taking selfie photos.

Especially when I see people using it, I will comment it always.  Very funny, very bad comment.

There is this report that Korea are band the selfie stick that is with bluetooth.

But after I saw all the photos taking from the selfie stick, I changed my mind.

And I am recommending my friends to get it.

It really makes your vacation photos or any occasions complete.

This is a selfie stick.

It does not have battery because it has no bluetooth or WiFi.  

That means this selfie stick can be used in Korea.  No hazard from bluetooth or WiFi.

That means this selfie stick is very very light weight.  It is about 3.8 oz.  (about 108 grams).

IMG 6132

All you need to do is to plug this into the iPhone headphone jack.  And then, press the button.

This is like you can take photo using your headset by pressing the volume control button on the headset wire.

IMG 6134

It comes with this fantastic small round mirror, that you can use when you use the rear camera on your phone.

Why do you need to use rear camera?

Because it is very high resolution.  

IMG 6135

It is amazing.  Just press the button.  You know what?

When you are in a cold country in winter, you don’t need to take off your gloves and you can simply press the button and take photos.  

Yup… no longer you feel cold taking photo with your gloves on.

IMG 6136

You can also use the front camera.

But the resolution a bit sucks. You need to take photo under bright sun lights.

IMG 6137

I love that mirror.

IMG 6138

You can extend from 5.5 inches to 24 inches.  About 2 feet length.

IMG 6139

You can take a lot of background with this distance.

IMG 6140

It is amazing is it not?

IMG 6141

Here is the packaging.

IMG 6142

It even hase patents in Japan, Taiwan and US.  

IMG 6143

So, remember to get a selfie stick.

And try to get this one as it is light, and it does not need to use bluetooth and wifi.  

Hence, no draining of battery on your iPhone.

Have a great holidays!


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