Pine House @ Otaru Hokkaido

Date:  Dec 13, 2014

Thanks to the burning down of 宏乐园 (Kurokoen Onsen Hotel) one week before our trip, we get the chance to stay in this 民宿 (Bed & Breakfast accommodation).

When we heard of the devastating news of the burning, we think we are very lucky that it never happen while we were there.  

It is also hard to find a hotel especially when it gets near to our trip.

But very luckily, we found this accommodation.

It is about 3 times cheaper than Kurokoen Onsen Hotel.

We decided to give it a try.

This is Pine House @ Otaru Hokkaido.

Web URL:

If you wish to book this hotel, you can book thru

It looks like this from the outside.


This is the ground floor.  This is where we have breakfast and dinner.  We stayed in two rooms on the 2nd floor.

IMG 4773

Wow, it has a lot of Japanese books.  Very old books.

IMG 4781

Basically, there are only 5 rooms in this Pine House.  We stayed on the 2nd floor (Room 2 & Room 5).

There is only 1 shower and bath room.  There are toilets on both floors.

Screen Shot 2014 12 25 at 4 13 58 pm

Very simple place to stay.  Of course, you do your own bed.

IMG 4750

Quite standard Japanese style room with comfy comforters for you to sleep.

IMG 4753

Very basic facilities available in the room.  TV, and heater.

IMG 4754

Our room includes free breakfast and dinner.  And it comes with free WiFi too.

IMG 4779

The kids are very excited staying in here.  It smell very well (pine wood smell).  Do you see that small little ceiling windows?

IMG 4755

It is covered with snow.

IMG 4756

We arrived on Dec 13 very late.  The flight touch down at New Chitose Airport around 6:20pm.  And we have to figure our way to Otaru from there.

There is free shuttle (4 passenger seaters car) from the Asari Station (a very small train station 2 station away from Otaru main station).

But on the first day, we took two taxi there.  

And it is very warm and nice for the old lady owner to prepare “light food” for us.  We ate it around 9:30pm.  The chicken was so delicious and nice.  And the rice is just nice for our empty stomach.

IMG 4741

Both the owner and his wife cooked for us.  

Take a look at our next day breakfast.

Eggs, rice, fish, veggies.  It is Japanese breakfast.

IMG 4763

 This is our dinner.

IMG 4872


IMG 4873


IMG 4874

Fried Fish with salad.

IMG 4875


IMG 4876

Another breakfast.

IMG 4904

Today got Siew Mai and Sausages.  These sausages are very tasty sausages.

IMG 4905

There are big enough space downstairs for us to play with the snow.

The scenery look over the Asarikawa Onsen village.

IMG 4907

The owner is busying clearing the snow at the drive way. 

IMG 3572

We love this place.

IMG 4920

Dinner time again.

IMG 4970

Tonight we have steaks, fish and stir fry pork.

IMG 4967

Hamburger beef.

IMG 4977

Fried fish.

IMG 4976

Stir Fried pork.

IMG 4975

Our breakfast on the day we check out.

IMG 3613

Still very nice to eat.

IMG 4979

It was so tasty and delicious, every one clean up their plates.

IMG 4986

Stay 3 nights, eat 3 days breakfast and 3 days dinner.  Not too bad the price.

IMG 4987

Last look at the balcony.

IMG 3621

The kids say good buy to Pine House.

IMG 4988

Next time, if you go to Otaru, I strongly recommend to give this 民宿 a try.

IMG 4992

It is about 5-7 minutes to the Asari station.  It is about 15-20 minutes to Otaru station by car.  You can go to all the Asarikawa Onsen in surrounding.  There is one which is 7 minutes walk from the Pine House, but we never get to try it.  It was cold at night, and no one wants to go out once we are inside the warm Pine House.

IMG 4995

The closest station is Asari Station.  Very small station.

IMG 3632

Other comments:

1.  There is only one shower & bath room downstairs.  It is a share bath.  Japanese style.

2.  It is fun you see dogs and cats in the house.  Some guest brought their dogs to come stay in this accommodation.  Pets are welcome.

3.  Make sure you are roaming so that you can bring up GPS.  Most taxi drivers may not know the exact locations.

4.  There is a steep sloop to get to Pine House.  So, if the taxi or car does not have enough power, it cannot outrun the sloop during winter time especially the ground are frozen.  Relax, just get of the taxi and walk up. It is a good exercise.

5.  Woohooo!  Our first stay in Japanese 民宿.

6.  You need to know a little Japanese in order to 比手划脚 and communicate with the nice old lady owner.  The owner don’t talk much though.

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