Jay – Poom Belt Chapter 2 Grading

Date:  June 7, 2015

There is no way Daddy can keep up and show him youtube of the pattern.  

He has learned all the patterns from the classes.

Today is his second chapter internal grading day.

IMG 4429

He has performed smooth pattern for both chapter 1 and 2.

And he has kick a lot of back thrust, side kicks during the sparring display.

And he has to strike 2 times to break this board.

IMG 4435

Of course they won’t fail a kid who takes 2 strikes to break the board. hahahaha

And at the end of the grading, he proudly came out with his broken board, poom belt renewed with a green Chapter 3 stickers.

IMG 4443

I just found out from another instructor that after he turned 15, he can go to the STF and convert his poom belt to black belt.  No need to take any more test, simply fill in paper, and pay money, you can get all the poom belt changed to black belt.

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