Gadget: EPL on Minix Neo X7

Date:  Feb 13, 2014

Remember this box I bought during one of the PC Show last December?  I am still using it.

And Let’s see what it can do on EPL channels.


Click below link to refresh what is the box about.


There seems to be an important game to watch for today.  Arsenal Vs. Manchester United

If you run the HDiTV app on the Minix Neo X7 box.  There are three channels giving you a live soccer match from EPL.

Channel 5:  博斯运动台 will give you a HD channel on this.  The commentary is in Chinese Mandarin.

IMG 0178

The channel is said to be HD, but it is a streaming HD.

IMG 0179

Quality quite acceptable and not so jerking.

IMG 0193

Channel 81:  广东体育 also showing the live EPL match.

IMG 0180

But it is in SD quality.  And it is in Cantonese commentary.

IMG 0181

Channel 126:  纬来体育 also gives the live TV in Cantonese.

IMG 0182

Now, if you don’t want this?  Then, you can exit the HDiTV program, and then, run the PPTV Apps on the Minix Neo X7 box.

I did not try it on SingTel/Starhub/M1/My Republic network… But on ViewQwest Network…

PPTV on ViewQwest Network:

There seems to be two live EPL channel.

IMG 0185

This match Everton Vs. Crystal Palace is postponed.

IMG 0186

The 2nd EPL channel is showing Arsenal Vs. Man U.

IMG 0187

And this is showing on P1Live of PPTV on my big screen TV too.

IMG 0191

Beside EPL, PPTV also live stream Italy, Germany, France football leagues.

IMG 0188

A checked on my iPhone PPTV App.  I get the same thing also.

Can watch it with no problem.

IMG 0190

So, let’s see few months later, whether I will get Brazil’s FIFA world cup on this box or not.  I am very sure, it should have it.

IMG 0195


  1. I think there are a lot of seller selling this box. And each seller will provide their own version of the IP TV. You need to go to… I think level #03-18 (If I remember correctly is J2 Trading) and ask them about it. I am sure they are in the IT show, can always ask them there too. I paid extra $100 for 1 year subscription. They will give you the userid and password.

    It also have EPL on it. 🙂

    Hope this help!


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