Health: Swing Hand Exercise (Qi-Gong)

Date:  Feb 13, 2014

Why is this useful to me?

1)  When my wife went to business trip, I almost have no chance of doing long exercise.

2)  When there is haze, it is not pleasant to do outdoor jogging or cycling.

3)  After you eaten your lunch or dinner, you can do this exercise which will not affect your digestion.  i.e. cannot jump after meal.

4)  I need to build muscles to burn my fat.  I am overweight.  Muscle is the best weapon to burn the excess fat.

How to do it?

1)  Every day, at least 1000 times.  I guess.  About 20-25min,

2)  Every 5 swing, bend your knee a bit.

3)  Both hand swing to the front and naturally swing to the back.

4)  You can do this any time, any where.


I did it once just now.  Seems ok.  Because sweat a little.  Let’s do it regularly and see what impact to health.

To be more healthy, remember, organic food intake, less acidic food.

Good Luck!

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