Kay Kay Moves to the Next Level in Badminton Class

Date:  June 8, 2015

Kay Kay used to use a no-name no-brand badminton racquet that I bought from Taobao China.

He gave away his junior racquet to his good buddy Colette.  So, he has to use that China racquet to start his badminton lesson.

Few days before May 20, Kay Kay uses his badminton coach’s badminton racquet and did pretty well in returning the shots.

So, he came back and tell me about it.

So, I decided to upgrade his badminton racquet.

He is now holding one of the lightest racquet available in the market produced by Lining sport, I think.

IMG 2766

Last week, the badminton coach is testing his shot, and surprisingly to see that Kay Kay can hit back all the shots correctly with correct postures.

So, after that, she put him to the next level.  Which is a court just beside for students who knows how to hit the shuttlecock.  Jay Jay is on the third court which is level 3.

So, he felt so proud of himself and put in a lot of efforts learning together with the older ko-ko and jie-jie.

 He is happily learning new skills in this mid-level class.  By the time he reach P3, I suppose he will be much better commanding the racquet.  hahaha

All these ko-ko and jie-jie is much taller than him.  All of them is P1 to P6 level now.  That is why he is shortest among all of them.  He has not celebrate his birthday, that makes him 5.5 years old.  

Let’s see how he pick up this sport in future.

Kay Kay, 加油!

IMG 4250

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