New Babies At Hays Goat Farm

Date:  Feb 8, 2015

Last week, surprisingly, the kids has no enrichment class on a rare Saturday.

So, we brought the kids to Hays Goat Farm to buy the goat milk.  And visited some of the familiar places we used to go when they were young, such as the Koi pond just beside the Jays Goat Farm, and Qian Hu.

The kids still love to drink goat milk.  They love to see the goats.

IMG 7480

That they have witnessed the first ever animal delivery.

This man was delivering two babies for this goat mommy.

IMG 7481

Here are the video footage.  It seems that the mommy cannot deliver the baby, so this animal vets came to deliver for her.  As you can see, he practically pull the baby goat out from the womb.

The kids were thrill to see all these.  

When the baby was out, the man pad the back of the baby.  And he has to blow air into the lungs too.  To make the baby live.  And at the end, baby is alive.

Notice also all the “bystanders”, those goats who are watching from far behind.

And the goats from the other fence.

We enjoyed our day out.  It was a fruitful learning journey.  Later we went to the Vegetable farm just next door of Hays Goat Farm.

There was this Koi fish pond that the kids love.

IMG 7509

The koi fish are big and they are hungry.

IMG 7522

The old vintage swing was fun.

We used to come here many times a year.

When Jay Jay went into P1, because of the enrichment class, we did not manage to come here for many years.

IMG 7528

We went to Qian Hu too.  And ate Nasi Lemak there.

IMG 7534

Jay Jay starts learning Science this year.  So, we even brought back some leaves (lalang) where we seldom find in the city.

IMG 7531

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