Family Biking

Date:  Feb 8, 2015 

Remember the Islabike I bought for Kay Kay?

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Well, it is still working!


Our new year resolution is to do more biking.  Hopefully we get the chance to do more this year.


Kay Kay now very comfortable climbing up the overhead bridge and cycle.  

Take note, he has to do a lot of hard work, because his bike has no 7 speed or 21 speed gear.  So, whatever you see is all his unlimited energy to cycle himself up to the bridge.

Of course, coming down is much easier.

He has no problem handling the slopes now.


He has come a long way.  And thanks to Islabike, it gives him a chance to bike proper way.


It boosted up his confident.


As a kid, this sort of confident is very important.  It helps to grow his overall confidence too.


They love to go up the high ground while biking.


We gets to do a lot of Wefie too.


Let’s aim for 10 family bike rides for the year of 2015. 


It is going to be interesting to see how he switch from his ultra light bike to the next bike next year when he grow taller.  hahahaha


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