Good APK – Cartoon HD – Replace Your Netflix and Hulu

Date:  Feb 3, 2015

If you are looking for an App to replace your Netflix & Hulu, this is the app.

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CartoonHD 2.0.2 APK

 IMG 7654

Why do you need this App?  Because Netflix & Hulu are chargeable.  Approx $10/month for each services.  If you don’t need it, you can cancel both chargeable service and use this App.

I am running the following on ViewQwest 100Mbps + FreedomVPN.  I am not sure if it will run on other ISP or not.  I am also not sure if it will run without VPN or not.  But this is what I got.

I tested it on my Xiaomi Mibox 3 (2GB), 10moons T6, and Amazon Fire TV box.  All works the same.

The interface is very simple.

It works with the remote!  Yeah!

IMG 7655

Selecting the “Top Cartoons”, it list out all the cartoons, new and old.

IMG 7656

Here, I selected the Lego Movie (2014) (highlighted in yellow), it gives me options to play in different format.  For this show, they have 3 diff qualities.  Of course I choose 720p.

IMG 7657

Clicking on “Custom” it allows you to choose different media player.  You can Download the show, but later, I am not sure how you going to retrieve it.  Will update when I got time to test out.  Because my home network is good enough, no lag, no buffering, so, I am just going to press the Play button.  Later you can see the demo in the video.  

IMG 7658

I used my iPhone to take the following video…

As you can see, the remote control controlling the shows is quite smooth.  Later you can choose the show and play it in 720p.  It takes about 6-8 seconds to load a 720p buffer, and then, it runs very well.  

Then, I fast forward the show and see how fast it get buffer and play the show.  It played almost immediately.

Then, I check out the TV cartoon – Simpsons.  Select one of the episode to play.

Then, I check out “Sup” Japanese cartoon.  

Then, my cat meow.

Then, I choose to play the Movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

Show you my remote.

And all works perfectly on my ViewQwest link.

For the Japanese Anime.  There are Dup (in English) version, and Sup (in English) version.  So, it is good for those that don’t like to watch or listen in Madarin and Chinese.

IMG 7663

Let’s check out the “Movies”.

IMG 7664

Here are the Top Movies.

I would say huge collection of Movies and TV Shows.

IMG 7665

This is the Top 250 IMDb movies.

IMG 7666

The TV Shows are all very new episodes.  I.e The Flash (ep 11 as of this writing), The Marvel’s Agent Carter (ep 4 as of this writing).

IMG 7667

They even Group the movies into Collection.  Like X-men, Harry Potter Collection, etc.

IMG 7668

Clicking Harry Potter Collection, you get all the 8 movies.

IMG 7669

OK.  I don’t know how long this app will last.  The CDN seems pretty good with my home ViewQwest 100Mbps + FreedomVPN network.

With this, I can terminate my Netflix and Hulu subscriptions. 

It is English based.  Not Chinese based.

Enjoy ya!


  1. Been following your blog and it great to read your reviews..You have been a great help with my new mibox.
    may i ask, what apk you use for watching CBS or Comedy Central channels?

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