Frog Jumping Map

Date:  Feb 6, 2014

When you go out with your kids, always find the restaurant that has paper and pencils or colour pencils for kids to draw 涂鸦.

For example, we love to come to this Greenwood Seafood Market Restaurant @ Greenwood.

Let’s find out what are the kids drawing.

Kay Kay is holding a PAPER FROG made by his friend Aiden from the Taiwan trip last year.

And Jay Jay is drawing the jumping route.

IMG 7150

Kids at this age has a creative mind.

We as parents will have to ask questions. 

Ask him why and how, and so on.

This will make his thought processes more completed.

It is fun indeed to watch the two brothers talking, arguing and agreeing on the frog jumping routes.

Quite fun too!

And now let’s test the frog jumping map and see how it works.

IMG 7147


Wah, it jumped so far ah.

IMG 7148

OK, here comes the food.  Don’t worry, we can place the food on top of the frog jumping map.

IMG 7154

Let’s look closer to the frog jumping map.

Indeed is very well thought, got trap some more.  It is like a board game.  Wahahaha

IMG 7162

I Like!

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