Putting Mirror

Date:  Nov 1, 2015

I always don’t have a good feeling when my wife is cleaning and re-arranging the store room.


IMG 3421

Because, she will dig out a lot a lot of things.  HaHaHaHa…

Such as this.  A Putting Mirror.  I don’t even know I bought this from Taobao.

And she just keep it inside.  Until 2-3 years later, it surfaced.

IMG 3428

It’s a putting Mirror.  You putt on this mirror, so that you can look at yourself.  And you how far you need to pull back to create the pendulum motion.

Wow, this is a perfect tool to train Jay Jay.

IMG 3430

How far each putt can go.  

This is how I told Jay.

1.  Potential energy.  If pull the putter behind, it will elevate to a certain height.  And then, you let go to create a pendulum motion, and by right, it should go to the other side and reach almost the “same height”.  

2.  It cannot go to a different height.  For example, if it go to a different height, which it is easy to see from the red line there below, that means, you are “force push” the putter too much.  When you “force push” the putter, the potential energy plus the kinetic energy will push the ball very hard, until you cannot know how much force you push it.

3.  It cannot go to a lower height too.  If it go lower, which is shorter than the red line, means you “force pull” it.  Just like Star Wars.  When you force pull it, you lost the momentum, you lost your energy, so that ball will go very near.

4.  Feel the force, let it drop and let the force (potential energy) guide you to the correct height on the other side.  And I asked him to close the eyes, and feel the swing a few time, then I place the ball quickly during his swing, and “TUK”….. the ball roll naturally with a distance that almost zero force was asserted.

5.  That is how you feel the putt.  Also, you need to know the distance.  From your eyes, you should be able to tell the approximate distance.  So, he carries a measuring tape, and I will ask, how long is the table edge.  How long is the TV console table, etc.  This is to make him think about distance. 

IMG 3429

See, Jay still think that playing golf is using his “strength”.  It is easy now to point out to him how he putt with Slow Motion video.  He pulled back to about 1 red line, but when he swing the putter, he put in some strength and speed.  That is why the golf ball go so fast.

The red lines is to help you see the putting motion.  Is is straight, am I using force? 

IMG 3427

Much better.  But a bit too stiff.  Just let him train on this let him figure it himself.

My wife found this also from the store room.  This is the black ramp putting mat that Jay uses this week.

IMG 3432

She also found this.  Where you can rotate and place the putting hole differently.

IMG 3431  1

She also found…. hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha 


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