Not So Scary But Fun Halloween Night 2015

Date:  Nov 1, 2015

This year, all the good buddies are gathered together.

It will be their first time for most of them.  Carving the pumpkins.

IMG 3358

Best buddy are thinking to carve the scariest pumpkin tonight.

IMG 3135

Or can the elder siblings win the contest.

IMG 3137

First, you must draw and outline the eyes, the nose and the mouth.

IMG 3157

Kay Kay!!!! don’t draw the eyes so close together, don’t draw the mouth and teeth so small!!! 

IMG 3159

What should I draw leh?

IMG 3185

Cut open the brain, then next it is time to scoop.  Scoop all the seeds out from the pumpkin.

IMG 3188

If you can’t get it out, just do like this.  

IMG 3204

All the kids both elder and younger siblings as well as the parents are so so excited.  They love drawing and emptying the pumpkins.

IMG 3198

The kids can use the scissors to cut the pumpkin webs…

IMG 3232

Wait!  Where does all the kids go?  Only Kayden left at the table still drawing and designing… 

And all the parents pick up their scary knife.  And start craving.  

Well, it was a lot of fun seeing the doctors carving.

It was also fun seeing some potential dangerous carving such as knife pointing and cutting in the direction where the fingers are… hahahha

My heart pounding hard man… hahaha

IMG 3249

Only parents get to use the knife that day.  And they all really trying to produce the best of the best pumpkin for their kids.

IMG 3112

This year, we see real teeth on the pumpkin head.

IMG 3265

It’s amazing.

IMG 3268

And the parents talk about anything… from school work to golf.

Did I mentioned Rusdi had a birdie few days ago when I played with him?

IMG 3008

And of course, we trying to help Ben to get more Visa to play golf together.

IMG 3007

Wow, I am impressed.  Small eye and scary teeth.

IMG 3302

A more happy Mr. Pumpkin.

IMG 3303

While the parents busy carving…

IMG 3113

The kids entertaining themselves…

IMG 3170

Chilling out.

IMG 3253

Playing new toys.

IMG 3114

All the pumpkins are done!

IMG 3120  1

Let’s eat together with the pumpkins.

IMG 3316

All the good wines are out tonight.

IMG 3123

I am happy that the same group has broke the record… 4 bottles of wines today, keep it up parents.  Show the kids what we made of.  hahaha (bad influences).

IMG 3241

They been to the party for so many times.  So, they know how to entertain themselves.

IMG 3124

The girls seems having lots of fun too.

IMG 3128

Kay Kay specially invited Rusell to come.  Thank you his mommy for seeing Jay and refuse to collect money for the doctor consultations.  HaHaHa… 

Now, we have 3 doctors in this house that night.  What can go wrong man.  HaHaHa.

Playing with knife… no big deal.  No casualty that night too.

IMG 3344

Our weekly playdate guests.  Photogenic!

IMG 3348

Let’s light up the candles.

IMG 3351

Wait… For Mr. Pumpkin #2 got smoke.  Let’s check it out.

IMG 3352

Boys and girls, look here.

IMG 3376

Boys and girls, now, look here.

IMG 3377

Let’s introduce the pumpkins.

Pumpkin #1.  Simple with a rectangle shape of mouth.  Looks pretty unique and pretty.  Like a robot.

IMG 3384

Pumpkin #2.  Eyes very big with no nose.  The cheeky smile.  Looks like he is thinking of a lot of scary things.

IMG 3385

Pumpkin #3.  You can see the pumpkin has fear in its eyes.  Hey Mr. Pumpkin, you suppose to scare us, not get scared by others.

IMG 3386

Pumpkin #4.  Innocent look.  Very happy indeed.  This is a happy pumpkin.

IMG 3387

This is my creation, designed by Colette.  Pumpkin #5.  Biggest eyes.  Half sharp teeth and half no sharp teeth.  A lot of lights inside the pumpkin make it a perfect lighting piece in the living room.

IMG 3388

Pumpkin #6.  Small eyes, small nose but very scary teeth.  One by one the teeth is glue to the mouth using toothpick.  Nicely done.

IMG 3389

Pumpkin #7.  Obviously, all parents got watch the “How to carve pumpkin videos” (Youtube).  This one got teeth too.  But the forehead antenna is cute.  So as the eye patch.

IMG 3391

Pumpkin #8.  Another happy Pumpkin.

IMG 3392

This looks like pokemon.  Pumpkin #9.  Well done!  

IMG 3393

Best dress award.

IMG 3397

Happy Halloween!

IMG 3399

If you want to see all the pumpkin we craved since 2011.  Here it is…

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