Kay Kay’s Pre-School Graduation Concert

Date:  Nov 6, 2015

LWPS Year End Concert 2015.

[Note:  For complete photos and videos of entire event (a lot of photos not posted here in this blog), you can scroll down to the bottom of the blog to see where you can download these photos]

IMG 9399

This is the last year Kay Kay going to LWPS (Lorna Whiston Pre-School).  Next year, he will join his brother Jay Jay in Pei Tong Primary School.

Both me and my wife came from Malaysia.  Our parents are not staying with us.  Therefore, we make a choice to sent both Jay Jay and Kay Kay to Lorna Whiston Pre-School as young as 18 months old.  Practically, half of the time, the two boys were brought up by Lorna Whiston Pre-School.

Seeing both of them grew up is a fun journey for us.  

Today, finally, Mr. Kay Kay has gone thru his last yearly concert.   Yeap!  His Pre-School Graduation Concert.

The teachers in Lorna Whiston has taught him well.  Kay Kay is very very happy when he received his report card where he scored all “3” except but one “2” in a Chinese Pinyin category.  So, he asked Wei Lao-Shi why?  Wei Lao-Shi explained the school only teach to the mid-level, they have not teach that subject yet, that is why have to give a “2”.  hahahaha And he satisfy.

He has become a kid that is 180 percent way different from Jay Jay.  He has his own character, and he has his own thinking.

But overall, we are glad of what he has become today.  Thank you all teachers in Lorna Whiston Pre-School for bringing up our Kay Kay. 

IMG 3583

Let’s look back how Kay Kay gone thru his pre-school years concerts.

Mar 1, 2011 is the first day he wore this Lorna Whiston Uniform.

IMG 4712

I am going to Lorna Whiston Pre-School, just like Ko Ko (Jay Jay).

IMG 4720

This is where I learn.

IMG 4726

Where I play.

IMG 4728

Where I drink milk.

IMG 4810

Where I play water.

IMG 4738

Where I become a pirate.

IMG 4743

These are my friends.

IMG 2031

First birthday celebration at school.

IMG 5642

Kay is a fish in 2011 LWPS Concert.  He was in PG (Play Group) class.

IMG 7688

Kay is a grasshopper in 2012 LWPS Concert.  Here is a nice photo with his buddy – Colette.  He was in N1.

IMG 6023

Kay is a Polar Bear in 2013 LWPS Concert.  He was in N2.


Kay is a Clown in 2014 LWPS Concert.  He was K1 back then.

IMG 0022

Let’s walk thru the LWPS Year End Concert 2015.

Kay Kay received his certificates from Ms. Lorna Whiston.  The person who setup this pre-school.

20151106 0098

We help him write a very short speech.  Not so short.  But short and sweet.

20151106 0100

This is the transcript of his lovely speech.

Screen Shot 2015 11 08 at 7 10 30 AM

This is what Ms. Lorna Whiston wish to see in every kid.  Be able to stand in front of the audience and speak confidently.  Although can see a bit of fear, but I think he is just OK.

Let’s see what the kids present this year.  Around the World.

IMG 2801

Every parents is anxious to see what their kid is performing.

IMG 2919 1

This is a performance that surprise the parents.  We didn’t know there are this performance, because they did not bring back the Africa Costumes.  And they keep on saying “it’s a secret”.  And now we see the secret African dance.

20151106 0235

The secret African Dance.  Every one wear the African natives costumes.

This year, there are a lot of songs and dance, and it is very well done!  We love this.  We also love the soccer game with pom pom girls, we love the San Zhi Jing, we love the Kangaroo, etc etc.  Very well done year-end concert.  And every one has put in a lot of efforts and all their efforts turn into good comments.

Here comes the nerd.

20151106 0313

And they are going to perform the SG50 song.

20151106 0332

It is a very touchy song.

20151106 0333

And a top grade performance from the kids.

20151106 0334

The part where Kay Kay speaks.  And the first song.  SG50’s Home.

Mo Li Hua.  (Jasmine Flower?)


IMG 9103

Looks very happy.


I like this dance.  Mo Li Hua.  Very nice.


Although the song is a bit girly.  But the boys are having lots of fun with the flower too.

IMG 9157

Don’t believe the boys having fun?  Take a look at the video.  HaHaHaHa…

The kids had been practicing this song – Xi Shui Chang Liu for months when ever I need to pick them both.

20151106 0428

Kay Kay is so good in “shaking” his head.  I think he next time will be expert in shaking head. hahaha

20151106 0437

Memorable song.  I love it too.

20151106 0455

The kids really enjoy singing.

20151106 0457


It has come to the end.

20151106 0467

Thank you kids for the great performance!  All the best to all the kids in their future school. 

It’s photo taking time!

Kay & Colette.  His best friend.  His every Friday playdate.  (Almost every Friday).


Kay & Yusuke.  The only one who can talk to him about Ultraman X, Ultraman Ginga.


Kay and us.  Sorry Jay Jay could not be here as he has to go to school.  No “ponteng school” allow.  hahaha It is a strict rule at home.


Kay, Gwen and Colette.  The occasional playdate group on Friday.  Gwen is the one who can play badminton very well at her age.  国手级.

20151106 0501

Sofie & Kay.  Another best bud.


Kay, Sofie & Kayla.


Kay, Gwen and Colette.


Kay and Colette 两小无猜 is like movie stars.  So many camera locking on them.  hhahaa


Kay & Russell.  Best bud.  phew phew phew (laser gun sound).


Kay and Ms. Serene.  She has taught him for 2 years.  Thanks Ms. Serene for teaching Kay.  Hmm.. where is Wei Laoshi?


Li Li LaoShi has seen Kay Kay grown up from day 1 at LWPS.  She is the one who bring Kay to Principle office because of Kay mischievous behaviour while Kay was in N1 or N2.  Li Li LaoShi asked for Kay’s forgiveness and Kay accepted. hahahahahahahahahahahaha.  见校长事件.  See so many fun thing.  Li Li LaoShi and Kay becomes best bud since then.  hahahaha


Kay & NaNa.  Kay told mommy:  “Please pick me up only after 6:30pm.  Because NaNa’s daddy always pick him up around that time.  And all the kids has gone home.  So, I need to accompany NaNa at that time.”  NaNa becomes Kay Kay’s 6pm-6:30pm play buddie.


Wu Laoshi is from Malaysia.  Went to China to train to be teacher.  He is the only male teacher in LWPS.  No wonder all the kids like him.  He is like a rare species.  hahahaha.


Sarah & Kay.  The girl asked me, why she cannot play the Lightsaber.  She said the boys don’t allow her to play.  So, I brought her to all the boys and said, Sarah is the only Jedi I see, and she gets to hold the lightsaber.  (During Kay’s pool side Party). 


Yi Xuan, Kai Den, Venlentius, Kay.


Ms. Melissa, the PG class teacher and N1.

IMG 3698

That ends the concert.  Great performance from the kids.  Thanks kids for letting your parents had so much fun.

IMG 3612

So we have to buy kids big meal after the concert.  (Thanks uncle Rusdi!)

IMG 3617

Cool down in the pool.  They were too excited during the concert.


Even uncle Ken gets to relax in the pool.


And they know uncle Ken will import all the photos and videos so that they can get to see it first hand on the iMac.  

IMG 3624

And they just pop by to see videos.

IMG 3628

They love it.  Jay Jay and Ashlyn never skip school, so they can only see the whole concert from all the videos.

IMG 3631

The Links to all the Videos and Photos of the entire Concert.

OK.  Thank you for my wife, Ai Loon’s brother, and Lee Hooi for contributing the photos.  All the videos and photos are available here.

You can just click the link to enter.

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