Gaming At The Restaurants

Date:  Feb 6, 2014

Smartphones and tablets are great inventions.  

It suppose to improve our quality of living.

But it doesn’t.

It not only changed our lives, it also changed our children’s too.

I went to a few New Year makan sessions at the restaurants, and I always see this kind of things …

It’s kind of sad, really.


1.  Parents themselves are reading emails and sms/whasapps on their smartphones.

2.  The kids are quiet.  Why?  Because parents gave them tablet to play games or watch movie.

Most of the parents love the quiet moment.  But what they have done is permanent.  

I seen young adults always look at their mobile phones when eating or when they are not eating.

So, teaching kids how to handle technology is very important.  

There are beautiful life out there without the technology, teach them that.

That is the value the kids need to learn.

So for my kids, what do I do?

I cannot recall when is the last time we have iPads on the lunch or dinner table.  It must be very long time ago.

Instead we always bring different kind of games.  Such as Spot it, Monopoly Deals, or even UNO.

Teach the kids how to play.  And they will love it!

IMG 7249

Wah!  So many blues…

IMG 7252

It does not matter for kids to play the card games during eating.  They love it.

Remember, they are kids, they love to play.

(Don’t let them play too much iPad and hook on it.)

IMG 7253

Another example is drawings, making paper origami, etc.  

There are a lot of fun thing to do.

First of all, put down your smart phones and start thinking what to do.

Tell your friends around you.  Say no to smart devices for kids on the dining table.

IMG 7150


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