Gadget: Best Ever Toy Airplane

Date:  Feb 6, 2014

This is so far the best toy airplane we had.  And we have to go and get another box.  As we gave away few to Jay & Kay’s cousins.

Each box comes with 4 or 5 airplanes.  Red, Orange, Green, Black and Blue planes.

And these planes can really fly.  

IMG 7327

So, as long as you can find a big enough space.  You can fly them.

See how Kay Kay learned how to fly this plane.

(I teach him one, run a few steps and fly)

Let me demo.

See how smooth the flight it flew.  Opps.  This one hit the ceilings.

Let’s do it again.

Just imagine you are at the park.  You can fly this plane very far.  I like it!

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