Brainfit Classroom

Date:  Aug 10, 2013

We sent Jay Jay to this BrainFit English programme.


It has class component, also have a computer component.  The computer component has two types of programme, 1) Fast Forward & 2) Reading Assistant.

Reading and Reading Assistant

At home, every week, Jay Jay will have to read three books.  If he can achieve a certain reading speed, the computer will reward him by reading one lesser book.  But next week, it will be adjusted to give harder readings for the kids.  hahaha

IMG 5795

 I video him from behind while he was doing his Reading Assistant homework.  Quite good. 


This is available for student to do home reading after the class.

IMG 5794

After you read, it will tell you how many words that you have read in 1 minute.  It also tells you that you need to improve pronouncing some words too.  Quite cool.  The Fluency Report will help kids to improve readings.

IMG 5793

Previously, “I Can Read” is done in a class room with 8-10 kids.  So, I don’t think he can benefit much from there.  Now, the BrainFit class is much smaller for his time slot, and he has computer learning homework to do at home.

I am glad that Jay has improve his reading. 

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