Another Fun Day @ Robotics

Date:  Aug 10, 2013

This is week #5.  

Last week, I miss his #4 lesson because I was at my high school’s 100 years celebrations dinner.

IMG 5038

The chainsaw he designed looks pretty cool.


This week, we are back to the robot.  Here is the story line so far.  So, the robots will collect the energy cubes, and they will need to sent the cube to a smasher to smash the cubes into the powders.

IMG 5760

Teacher teaching Jay how to think.  And he will need to come up with the solutions how to make the 3 point turn.

IMG 5771

Wah, his programming is so complicated.  The robot will go and capture the energy cubes.  And then, he has to give a voice command “Ha” very loud to make the robot move the cubes to the right side in front of the smasher.  Then, he has to press the touch sensor so that it can move back.  Then, touch again, to make 3 point turn.  Lastly, another shout of “Ha” to make it reverse to trigger the smasher.  hahahaha

Well, this is about imaginations.  So, you can create whatever thing you like, but you will need to design the robot in that way you think it should work.  I actually love this course.  It helps to bring up kids imaginations and creativity.  Cool.


As usually, Ki Wei always finished first.  She is now standing behind to look at Jay’s robot with his daddy.  Oh ya, the time is overshot again.  HaHa  this is as a result of complicated programming.  hahaha

IMG 5786

Earlier, this is Ki Wei’s robot.  Very clean, straightforward and does the job.  🙂


We also wanted to expose Kay Kay to this.  A second processor and a few sensors and motors has been bought for Kay Kay too.  🙂

IMG 5779

So, some thoughts after listening again the “Outliers” book.  When the kids is young, we should expose them to all kinds of “Opportunities”.   Let them choose what they like to learn, let them learn.  The more they learn the more they will become better.   

Go by this book and read.  It is very good.  If you want your kids to be good in something.  There is this 10,000 hours rule.  🙂  hahaha The kid have to practise 3 hours a day, 7 times a week, for 10 years.  Then, it is guaranteed that your kid will become professional.  hahaha

IMG 5746

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