Cook With Ken: 简简单单又一餐!Simple Meal.

Date:  Aug 7, 2013

Holiday eve. After bringing the kids to swimming pool, nothing to do.  Let’s cook something to eat.  Something simple.

Dish #1:  Tau You Bak (My Si-Mi pun Campur Version)

IMG 5583

1.  You need meat.  Pork Belly.  Cut cut cut into small pieces.

IMG 5537

2.  You need some sea weeds.  I used some Japanese sea weed here.

IMG 5538

3.  Soak the sea weed for 10 minutes.

IMG 5539

4.  Open your fridge, if you find a Preserved Bean Curd.  Use it.

IMG 5540

5.  I used this brand that I got from Organic Super Market.  Very Nice!

IMG 5541

6.  I have never tasted such a nice smell Preserved Bean Curd. I strongly recommend this brand.  It’s a product of Taiwan.  放心!

IMG 5542

7.  I tasted it.  And I love it!

IMG 5543

8.  Take a bowl.  Pour some Dark Soya Bean Sauce.  A.k.a. Thick Soya Sauce.

IMG 5544

9.  Some light soya sauce.  (See below the bowl, that’s how much I put the Soya Bean Sauce).

IMG 5545

10.  Add some Hua Tiao Chiew (Chinese Cooking Wine).  Add more if you like the taste.

IMG 5546

11.  This is where you place the preserved bean curb into the sauce.

IMG 5547

12.  A pince of sugar.

IMG 5548

13.  A pinch of salt.

IMG 5549

14.  Lastly, add water into the “super sauce”.  a.k.a.  Tau You sauce.

IMG 5550

15.  Cut the seaweeds.

IMG 5551

16.  Put the seaweed together with the meat.

IMG 5552

17.  Pour in the Tau You sauce that you have just mixed.

IMG 5553

18.  Add more water if necessary.  You put water just enough to cover it.  Then, your sauce may left with little after the cooking.

IMG 5554

19.  Cover the iCook cover.  Use medium fire.  Wait until the vapour seal and you can  turn the iCook cover.  It should be cooked.  That is about 25-40 minutes, depends on how tender you want your meat, and how much meat you put.

IMG 5555

20.  That’s it.  Very nice taste Tau You Bak.  🙂  Penang food.

IMG 5572

Dish #2:  皮蛋蒸肉饼  Steam Pork with Pitan (Century Eggs)

IMG 5584

1.  You need Fresh Mince Pork.  Do not wash or rinse it with water.

IMG 5556

2.  Cut some onions leaves.

IMG 5557

3.  Cut some celery.  This will gives the crunchy thingy inside your steam meat.

IMG 5560

4.  Dice it into like this.

IMG 5562

5.  Open your fridge, and see if you can find Pitan (Century Eggs).  I got these from Taiwan.  So, let’s use it!

DO NOT MIX the eggs with the meat.  Leave the eggs aside first.

IMG 5559

6.  This is made from Chicken eggs.  Not duck eggs.

IMG 5563

7.  Since I love so much the preserved bean curb taste.  Let’s use it again.  Mix it with the meat later.  This will give the unique salty taste.

IMG 5564

8.  Open the fridge again.  I found these Hokkaido dried scallops.   Let’s use it too.  This will gives the sweet taste.

IMG 5565

9.  Put everything into a zip lock bag.  (Disposable).

IMG 5567

10.  Squeeze and mix the meat with all the ingredients inside the bag.

IMG 5566

11.  Put everything into a steam plate.

IMG 5569

12.  Almost forgot, put the century eggs on top to decorate it.

IMG 5571

13.  Put the plate into the iCook steamer.  Cover it.  Let it steam for 8-10 minutes.

There you go.  A very sweet (meat sweet) steam meat.

IMG 5584 

Dish #3:  Stir Fry Veggie

IMG 5582

1.  First, cut the small bok choy stems out.

IMG 5573

2.  Separate the leaves.

IMG 5574

3.  Dice some garlics.

IMG 5575

4.  Open your fridge.  And you may find fish balls.  Use it!

IMG 5576

5.  Just now, I had too much mince pork.  So, I kept some of it for stir fry veggie.

IMG 5577

6.  Heat the iCook wok.  Once it is heated.  Pour in cooking oil.  Wait for it to be boiled.  Pour in the onions.

IMG 5578

7.  When onion turn a bit brown, add in the meat.  Stir fry it.  Turn the meat around.

8.  When the meat turn white on both side, put in the stems, and stir fry.  Put in all the green.  Stir fry a bit.  Cover the iCook cover.

9.  When the iCook cover can be spin around over the vapour seal, open the cover, stir fry it, add in Oyster sauce.  Stir fry a bit.  Add in soya sauce, and a little bit of water.  Stir fry.  Cover it for 1 minute.  Kill the fire.  Wait for 1 min.  Sprinkle some Chinese cooking wine on it.  That’s it.  Done.

IMG 5581

There you go.  A three simple dish.  A holiday eve simple meal.  And the whole family loves the food.  And we finished every thing.  Ha Ha Ha.

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