He Ties His Own Shoelaces Now!

Date:  Aug 7, 2013

Jay Jay has a lot of shoes.  His jogging shoe, badminton court shoe, and his golf shoe requires him to know how to tie shoelaces.  His normal school shoe and his tennis court shoe are velco shoe.

IMG 5523

So, every week, I have to help him tie his shoelaces.  And I have taught him many times, but still he could not grab the idea of how to tie it.

Today, after his Lower Primary Sports Day, I decided to make him sit in the living room with his shoe and learn how to tie his shoelace.  He has to tie 5 times once he learned it.

Teaching kid how to tie shoelace is not an easy job.

IMG 5521

It does takes a lot of patience an time for him to learn.  But since we got all the time today, no homework, let’s do it.  Once and for all.

IMG 5524

So, after 20 minutes later, he continue tie and untie, and learn the technique.  He finally know how to tie it.  

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/v6IfTlEoKmE

And he has a big smile on his face after he learned how to tie it.  So, I make him tie 4 more times just to be sure he remembers.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/ZrXCaoAwJhE

Not a bad job.  Daddy is very proud of you.  From now on, you tie your own shoelace!  hahaha

IMG 5528

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