Lower Primary Sport Days

Date:  Aug 7, 2013

Today is Pei Tong Primary School’s Lower Primary Sports Day.

PSPS Lower Primary Sports Day

Every one wear red shirt today.  The upper primary will be celebrating the National Day.  While the lower primary students are having their sports day today.

IMG 5263

Me and my wife are part of PSG (Parent Support Group).  However, today, she has to sent Kay Kay to Lorna Whiston first.  So, I get to come to Pei Tong to become one of the helper.

Pei Tong Lower Primary Sport Game

Our job is simple.  When the last students/runner in the relay race cross the finishing line, raise the class card board.  Simple.  No Problem.

PTPS Sport Day 2

So, what is the benefit?  You get to take photos and videos at close range.  🙂

Check out the 97 photos I took using iPhones.  I should have brought my camera along.  But I thought I am going to be busy and will have no chance using it.  Well, I regret it.  So, please bear with me, at least we can see all the kids in the following album link on facebook.  (Sorry, only my friends can see).


IMG 5265

OK.  Before the game start, let’s make a vow.  We promise to behave well in the race, no cheating, must respect others, it’s just a game… blah blah… 

IMG 5283

 So, we are glad that they learn these from the school.  🙂

Jay Jay running in Game #2 the Zig Zag Race.  OK.  Somehow the instruction did not stated clearly to the Primary 1 kids, so, you see there are two sides running in a relay.  So, Mr. Kenny Chua have to blow the whistle so to restart the race.

OK.  Jay Jay is running again.  (Sorry that I did not video the whole race, because, I need to watch out for the Care 1/Respect 1 lane last student who cross the finishing line.  Have duties in hand.  HaHaHaHa)

I think this hula hood thingy is very difficult.  You can see the kids roll the hula hood here and there.  HaHaHa

OK.  This is the last Game.  The baton race which is quite competitive.  

Every one did well because they all want to get these.

IMG 5344

At the end, every one best a medal.  It is nice that they gave out consolation price too for every class who did not make it to the top 3.

IMG 5345

The Care3 class.

IMG 5354

This is probably the first medal he gets from school.

IMG 5382

His good buddy – Lukas also gets a medal.

IMG 5412

Two happy kids.

IMG 5506

Daddy, this is my medal.

IMG 5514

Son, daddy is proud of you.  🙂

IMG 5516

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