Scramble Eggs

Date:  Sep 30, 2012

Early Sunday morning.  What do you eat?  

How about scramble eggs?  Guarantee 3 minutes done!

IMG 0504

Prepare 3 eggs in a bowl.

IMG 0474

I used this Japan Hokkaido brand of better… very amazing nice.

IMG 0476

Add butter into your eggs.

IMG 0477

Add how much you need.  This is how much I need.

IMG 0475

Scramble for 30 seconds or so.

IMG 0478

Add salt.

IMG 0495

Use a microwavable bowl.  Big bowl.

IMG 0497

Use the microwave to make your scramble eggs.

Put the bowl with eggs in.  High heat for 15 seconds.  Take out.

Use a folk to stir it.

Then, put the bowl back in.  High heat for another 15 seconds.  Take out.  And use a folk to stir it again.

So, you repeat this motion until 4-6 times (depends how cold your egg is from the fridge).  And you will soon see your scramble egg is forming.

IMG 0500

There you go… I nice butterly scramble eggs!  Yippee….

IMG 0503

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