Overwrite You DNS to Speed Up your Internet Surfing

Date:  Sep 30, 2012

Some users subscribed to a 100Mbps Internet Fiber Broadband at home, and they didn’t find it different on the Internet Surfing speed compared to 10Mbps plan.  This is sometimes because most of the website you visited are far far away, and the link to reach that far far away web site is some what congested, etc.


For non-novice Internet users … There is a couple ways to speed up Internet Surfing experience.

One of the non-intrusive way is to change your DNS setting on your router, or your computer or IOS device.  Why non-intrusive?  Because you need not to tune your TCP settings (some chim settings to speed up by modifying the operating systems parameters).

(This is for people technical enough to change their DNS settings from their ISP on their PC, IOS devices, etc)

Change it to

(I am an Apple Fanboy.  So, usually, I will use OpenDNS instead of Google!)

Once you have done this, you will find that your Internet surfing experience indeed increase by a lot and a lot.  It really speed up.


– Usually your ISP will not have super fast server/PC to run the DNS server.

– Usually your ISP will not cache (remember) large amount of DNS addresses in their DNS server.  So, if they cannot find answers, they will need to look up “authoritative DNS” to give answer.  Sometimes, the time for a WEB Server to give you a WEB page is much faster than these DNS Server asking around, what is the IP Address for that WEB Server or WEB site.  So, the key is to cut down these asking questions processes.

– So, what OpenDNS and Google Public DNS does is to have a huge super fast DNS server an stored almost everything in their DNS cache.  So that, when people ask for a IP address for a particular website, OpenDNS or Google will likely always to have an answer on the spot.  It saves a lot a lot of DNS addresses on their DNS servers.

– Also, it can quickly determine where you are?  Geo-location based on your IP address.  And then, return you the CORRECT answers (i.e. the closer IP addresses to you).  In order to speed up Web page browsing, some web site invested in CDN network, so that they keep a copy of their web site at the caching server located nearest to you.  So, visiting Apple web site, instead of getting the web page directly from US servers, the CDN direct you to get it from a local or nearer “caching server” (last time we used to call it proxy servers).

The above DNS belongs to OpenDNS and it is safe to use.  Google also come up with their own Google Public DNS.  But comparing both…

Screen Shot 2012 09 30 at 6 50 27 AM

Here is the website you should read.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenDNS

 If you want to be very safe and don’t want your kids accidentally visit the porn sites, etc.  These are the two addresses.  It is called Family Shield.  See… http://www.opendns.com/home-solutions/parental-controls/ …

This has pretty good info regarding why and how OpenDNS can help increasing the speed without giving out too much info about yourself to everyone. 


OK… remember my other posting… Magic DNS??


I shared the info of 2 new sets of IP addresses to use if you want to watch Amazon Videos or Netflix.  By changing to use OpenDNS, you will not be able to watch Netflix or Amazon Instant Video using the or  So, a correct design will be… the router is configure overwriting with OpenDNS addresses.  And if you watch Netflix or Amazon on iPad on the bed, then, you overwrite the iPad DNS settings.

If you want to know more about Amazon Video, here you are.  I am a Amazon Prime users, not only I am getting Video, when I buy stuffs from Amazon, I got special discount price for most items, and 2-days FREE DELIVERY.  And the Amazon Instant Video is HD quality and much better than Netflix.  Netflix is adaptive video, it changes the video quality dynamically when the Internet went bad.  So watching Amazon Instant Video is pretty much enjoyable experience.  I currently watch it on my iPad lying on my bed.


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