Teaching Kids Real-life Gambling

Date: Dec 29, 2019

Today, we started to clean up the house.

Ya hor, just move in need to clean up meh? Yup, I don’t know how and why, there seems a lot of junks at home. Hahaha

And we found the gambling mat. Usually this mat will come out during CNY, only for that few days, then, it will go hibernation for another year.

So, since, we took out already, let’s give the kids a hard core lesson about Gambling.

Ideal originated from Mark Lee’s advertisement of his real life gambling problem for the Anti-Gambling community. The kids saw that ad during The Rise of Skywalker movie.

At the same time, I found my automatic dice roller.

And lots of lots of chips. Treat it as Casino chips.

This is my Dice roller. When I found it, and it does not work after putting the battery, I almost wanted to throw away. But Jay asked me not to do so. He then open up everything and fix it. And oh yes, he fixed it. He told me, somehow, after open it up, the motor works.

Must be the contact somewhere were lose.

The few main concepts to teach the kids and I think thru losing their chips and dry run a few times get the same result has taught them to think carefully about gambling.

Concept 1. 十赌九输 Gambling 10 times, nine times lost.

No matter how many time they played, but giving them fresh new chips, eventually, they will lose. Even they win one time, ask them to continue playing, they will lose.

At first I gave them a lot of chips. And after a few rounds, the chips in their hands slowly depleted. Then, they start to play very cautiously. By putting one chip at a time, but yet, also, winning chance has drawn down and their one-chip efforts also slowly depleted.

Concept 2. Casino will always win. First I played with Jay. Then, Kay joined in. So, Jay buys BIG, and Kay buys small. And the dice open “BIG”. so, Jay win 1 chip. And Kay lose 1 chip. So, I asked, did I the Casino come up with any money? Nope. Kay pay the 1 chip to Jay.

So, we continue playing. And most of the time, I swept all their chips away. The put 10 chips, the casino win 10 chips. And even if the casino need to pay out, it is always using another gambler’s money.

Concept 3. So, you can’t put 1-chip and expect to win big. So, you have to place more chip and increase the winning chance. And really, Kay won 12 chips because of playing the winning number 14. But then, it lose away. The more chip you bet, the more you will lose.

He started with a lot of chips. But later, he lose all the chip.

Concept 4. If you lose money, what do you do? You either walk out and feel sad. But most the time, you can borrow money from your friends or go ATM to take money. If you go ATM and take, one day, there is no more money to take. Then, what will you do? You probably do criminal act to steal money.

Or you can borrow money which I did, I borrow him a whole new stack of chips. Then, he lose away again. And keep loosing like that how to pay back the money. I did that to Kay, I pretend I am the younger version of Mark Lee. Then, Kay very reluctant to loan me the money again. Even though I already pay him back. Because of winning 12 times. Hahahaha

So, the kids knows not to loan people money if they know he use that money to gamble.

And now, I asked Jay to become the Casino. And I am the big gambler. I show them how can win big and how can lose even more. We repeat this many times and the outcome is the same. Play 10 times, lose 9 times.

Although is fun game, but because in Casino, you unlikely to have 1 on 1 situation. So, if many people are playing 1 may win and yet 5 others will lose. And Casino will always use other people losing money to pay that lucky winner.

So, I hope my kids learned an important lesson today. About Gambling.

Look at Jay’s money. Running out.

And sometimes when we teach the kids we must use a full set of props and simulate it so that they can understand from young.

Then, we go on to Black Jack. And same thing happen. Now they understand, the more people gambling in the same table, Casino will always be the winner as they don’t have to come up with any money.

Lastly, another important concept. If you see you have no luck and you are loosing big, run away, gambling no more. Hahahahaha

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