Jay: Extraction of Wisdom Tooth

Date:  Dec 27, 2019

There is no pain.  There is no problem.

But my brave son went to get 2x of his wisdom tooth extracted on this day, 4:30pm.


But, no pain does not mean no problem.

As you can see from the X-ray.  The left bottom one is pushing and crashing into the bottom back big tooth.  It is going to cause problem in few years time.  As for the top row, the left top wisdom tooth has restrict the growth of the top big tooth at the back.  Equally dangerous for his future.

So, the decision came to get it extracted out, after all the good food Christmas, and before the New year comes.


At the dentist, he closed his eyes and goes into sleeping mode.  (not full anaesthetic, but local anaesthetic, only numb the left part).

He can feel everything by pressure.  Nerve is numbed.

The pretty dentist says “OK, the bottom one too big, need to drill it into 4 pieces using the drill.”

And here you are, Jay’s wisdom tooth.  One full one (top) and one cut into 4 pieces (bottom one).


He is rather a very healthy kid.  So, with the help of the G3 potion (i.e. Nuskin Gagfruit juice), his gum heals fairly quickly.

And this morning, I see what he is doing.

opps … wrong video… this is the video he is constructing his transparent joy-con.

This is the correct video.

Ya, he is re-constructing his own wisdom tooth which was cut into 4 pieces.

Very focus in reconstructing the wisdom tooth.


Interviewing him.  Hahahaha

Pretty dentist uses power tool to cut the wisdom tooth.

Like this.  A cross.  Then, break it and extract it.


Wow, the top one has three legs.  Really wisdom ah.


Yesterday was full of blood.  Now after bleaching it in bleach, it become so clean.

Almost finish.

There you are.  The two big wisdom tooth he has taken out.


Placed in the correct position as in x-ray.


Quite brave and spectacular for a 13-years old.


Then for fun, he go and open up his fairy tooth box, and bring out every single tooth he has dropped and keep.


And he re-constructed his baby tooth.


I must say, very creative.


The size of wisdom tooth vs. the baby tooth.


Well done Jay Jay!  Very brave.  I extracted my 4x wisdom when I was in my forties.




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